To gym or not to gym?

Yancy and I went to the gym tonight for some cardio exercise. I did 10 minutes on a treadmill, then 20 minutes on the evil stairmaster machine. Yancy ran for 15 minutes straight, then did a little time on the stairmaster next to me. Then we hit the pool for a few easy laps (Yancy says we did about 16 lengths) followed by some relaxing in the hot tub. I’m really impressed with the fitness improvement he’s made over the last few months. And I have to admit I’m a little disappointed at how quickly I have lost fitness following my half iron triathlon. But that’s why I’m back at it again.

Anyways, tonight’s post is about something Yancy and I have been mulling over for a little while. We are thinking of canceling our gym membership. I’m very reluctant to do this because I really love going to the gym and I like some of the exercise classes they offer. But I haven’t really gone to the gym all summer because of triathlon training (and a host of other excuses). And I’m worried that when winter rolls around and it’s too cold and wet to exercise out doors I’ll regret giving up the gym. On the other hand, having an extra $86/month would help us on our mission to get out of debt sooner. And with all our new outdoor hobbies we’ve actually been getting more fit than we ever did at a gym.

I think we’re leaning more towards canceling the gym membership. We’ll just have to get a little more creative during the winter. Has anyone gone down this road before and have some advise to share?


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  1. Rochelle
    Aug 26, 2010 @ 15:17:03

    Hi Sporty,

    I don’t have a gym membership because my hubby believes a person can get fit without the aid of the gym. Plus the fees are kinda high depending on where you live. Ya’ll could always renew your membership at a later date.


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