What to expect

I’ve kept a blog for over a year, but am thinking of changing its direction a bit. I want to make my blog more personal, but I’m not exactly sure how much of my personal thoughts and struggles should really be on the internet. Still, it is good therapy for me to write and share my thoughts and experiences. Any maybe some one will be inspired by me. Maybe keeping this type of blog will inspire me to fight even harder for my dreams and goals.

So here I am ready to embark on the next chapter of my life. I’ll post here often about my daily life; things like my struggle with weight-loss, my goals for a more healthy lifestyle, my adventure of learning how to cook, my endeavor on becoming debt free, my hiking and sports experiences, my travels, my daily interactions with interesting people, random things I learn, and whatever else is on my mind when I sit down to this computer.

I hope that you, my readers, will enjoy the journey and give me lots of feedback.   Cheers!


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