Yesterday Yancy and I went to Lake Stevens and rode the bike route from my upcoming triathlon. It was 24.5 miles on a beautiful day out in the country, what more could a person want? The roads were a bit rough and gravely in places which will make things a little interesting on race day. It was a great way to spend time with my husband…. except that we went to Burger King afterwords.  😛

After the bike ride and junk food indulgence we stopped to visit Yancy’s uncle in Everett. One of his friends (who happened to also be visiting) is a heart doctor and was telling me about and its iPhone app. He was very adamant that a program like this would help a person loose weight. After all, it’s a simple matter of “energy in versus energy out.” He’s lost weight and has a bunch of his patients loosing weight by meticulously counting calories to make sure you have a calorie deficit every day. MyNetDiary is one of many programs out there that help with the calorie counting for both consumption and exercise. So I downloaded the free iPhone app and will let you all know how it works.

Today I went for a swim at Martha Lake with my friends Sarah and Jason. The water was so calm and peaceful. We swam somewhere between 1 and 1.4 miles and I loved every minute. There’s just something so pleasant about being in water. I feel weightless and graceful and free. Which is good because I have a swimming event coming up in a week and feel like I could use a little more practice before then.


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