Just another Monday

The weekend went by too fast as usual. Work was seriously busy again. I work in ophthalmology, mostly doing exams, but lots of paperwork and running around. It’s the busy season where kids are coming in for their last minute eye exams before school starts. I’m hoping that means the schedule will ease up a bit in a few weeks. We can see up to 40 patients in one day, for only one doctor! The last 2 weeks have been so busy that I come home exhausted every night… well on the four days that I work my ten hour shifts anyways (Monday -Thursday). And on Friday all I want to do is laze around.

It would be so easy to use my fatigue from a hard day’s work as an excuse not to exercise or do other responsible things… like housecleaning, or cooking a healthy meal. *Seriously, I don’t know how mothers do it!* I have used that excuse way too many times and it’s part of the reason I have gained weight in the past. But changing to a more relaxing job or working less hours isn’t exactly an option right now. So what can I do to put that good day’s work in and give it my best and still have energy leftover to devote to other challenging pursuits? If anyone has some golden answer, please send it to me asap. In the meantime I am going to consider my lifestyle and see what I can change. I think I could benefit from more sleep, or at least a better sleep pattern. I could also work on my diet to help energy levels stay even throughout the day. Maybe setting a housecleaning schedule (vacuum on Fridays, laundry on Sunday…) would help be keep up with it better. Already I try to plan my more strenuous exercise days for the weekends.

Well, there is lots to think about and start putting into action. Which is making me tired now… ha!  🙂  I did go to the gym after work for some lap swimming in the pool. Did 60 lengths in about 35 minutes, a few short of a mile, but still felt good. I definitely prefer to swim outdoors now (since I’m mostly over my phobia of water plants). And I was really bummed that the hot tub wasn’t open today.

Yancy and I needed to do some grocery shopping tonight and I’ve learned from previous experiences to never do this on an empty stomach, especially after swimming! So we had dinner at the Mongolian Grill. Loads of fresh veggies with a bit of meat stir-fried on that huge grill. YUM! We bought ingredients to make fresh chicken noodle soup tomorrow all from scratch (except a little chicken broth). Looking forward to trying home-made noodles again. My last attempt didn’t really work out.  😛 I’ll let ya know all about it tomorrow night.


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