Park to Park Swim

Ok, the swim that I’ve been excited for all summer has come and gone. On Thursday I was worried that I might not be well enough to swim, but after getting LOTS of rest over the weekend I was feeling up to the challenge. And I think I did pretty well.

The Park to Park Swim is hosted by Everyday Athlete (where Yancy and I get our running shoes among other things) and supports the Childrens Hospital. It’s 1.5 miles across 68 degree Lake Washington from Matthew’s Beach to OO Denny Park. The water was really choppy for the second half of the swim. My overall time was about 44 minutes 40 seconds. I’m really happy with that time since it’s the exact goal I had set!  🙂 I was soooo thankful for my full sleeve wetsuit! They had brunch for us at the end of the swim. I met a few friends from TNT there as well as one of my old coworkers Catherine. We were cold and wet after the swim, but happy. I do love swimming! According to MyNetDiary I burned just over 800 calories with this swim. Does that mean I get to eat french fries with dinner? Or maybe even ice cream?   😛

It was pretty funny getting into the cold lake just after 7:30am on a Sunday morning. I was listening to some guys chatting next to me and thought how hilarious it was that we were standing in the lake chatting instead of laying in warm beds. Athletes are pretty crazy huh?


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