It was another busy day at work. Fortunately things are starting to slow down now and sanity will soon make a reappearance… or so I am told. Anyways, I caught myself today in need of an attitude check. I was feeling tired and achy and wishing I didn’t have to go to work today. At work I was feeling sorry for myself because I had to work a little harder since one of my coworkers had called out sick. At some point I realized that I was approaching this day with a negative attitude.

When you are looking through “dark sunglasses,” everything has a dark tint. When you take time to focus on the positive things, everything gets brighter. I am blessed with a great job and wonderful coworkers. I get to meet and help lots of great people through my work. I have good insurance. (Insurance that covers a massage every other week!) I have a safe and spacious home to retreat to. I have an amazing husband that loves me dearly and will be asking me how my day went. He’ll give me hugs and kisses before bed. I have family. I have friends. I have my own health. I have a bright future ahead of me!

So when I take time to think how lucky I am in this life, those little worries seem so small. Life is once again my great adventure and not a nightmare or dull task. It’s all about my outlook.


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