Beautiful day/food confession

Woke this morning to the most beautiful day I’ve seen in a while. My sister is visiting and we’re planning a trip into Seattle for the Italian Festival and maybe a walk on Alki Beach. Tonight we’re cooking dinner at home and subjecting her to a Sounders soccer game.   🙂

After yesterday’s discussion of weight issues I didn’t make any better choices for food. Ate high fat pasta for lunch and nachos for dinner (& drank a whiskey sour). I hope that filled up my “bad foods quota” for the weekend, but we’ll see. Why do I use time with family as an excuse to be a total pig? Grrrr.


Tough week

Tis the season! The season when the weather changes and kids go back to school and colds go around like wild fire. My coworker and I both came down with colds on Monday (plus he broke a bone in his left hand). He missed work Tuesday and Wednesday and I had to do extra work during the worst two days of my cold. Wednesday night I took NyQuil and finally got a good night’s rest. Thursday wasn’t as bad because we were both there… with our tissues and Kleenex’s. Not a fun week, but I made it through and will have a good weekend with my sister in town.

Been thinking about my weight and exercise issues lately. This week was a total loss due to sickness and exhaustion, but next week I really need to get back on track. I’ve been very slowly gaining weight ever since my triathlon in June. I’m back up to 210 pounds today which really bites because those last 6 pounds were hard to loose and oh so easy to put back on. I have at least 50 pounds to loose overall. But that’s too much to think about right now. Maybe I’ll break it into 10 pound segments. So my next goal is to get to 199 pounds. It’s going to feel so good to be out of the 200’s!!! To reach my goal I’ll need to eat more whole foods and home cooked meals. I need to increase my exercise intensity some days and my exercise time on other days. The good news is that I’ll be joining Team In Training for another season, which starts in November. Exercise will get much easier then. I’d like to be past my first 10 pound goal by the end of December.

2011 is going to be a better year!

A fine weekend!

Saturday morning Yancy and I got up early and drove to Kirkland to volunteer with some TNT peeps for the Kirkland Sprint Triathlon. We got to man the bike portion of the race which meant standing/sitting on a side street for a few hours to make sure no cars turned onto the race course. It was a lot of fun to cheer on all the racers as the rode by. Most looked really tired so I think they must have just climbed a good hill before passing my location. Some were happy and waved back at me or said thanks. Some were looking so spent that they couldn’t take their eyes off the road. It was interesting to see all the choices of gear and clothing. Being a sprint distance (half what I did last weekend), there were probably a lot of noobie triathletes. Yancy and I both enjoyed ourselves and will probably volunteer the next time we get an opportunity.

Saturday afternoon we drove to Olympia (through some heavy traffic) to visit Yancy’s cousin Gavin and his family. We got a tour of their new house and spent some time just chillin (and watched the Sounders cream Columbus Crew – MLS soccer match). Yancy’s other cousin Tamara (Gavin’s sister) came over and we all had fun visiting and eating BBQ.  We went out for a few drinks too (so my “no-alcohol” countdown has restarted). Yancy and I stayed the night in their fabulous guest room (I have bed envy now) and went to Ihop this morning to celebrate Spencer’s birthday (Gavin’s older son). It was a fun time with family… like a mini-indoor family reunion! If they lived closer we’d spend a lot more time hanging out. But I’m sure there will be more weekend visits in the future.  🙂

As usual with family gatherings I kind of pigged out on any available junk food. C’est la Vie. I made up for it in the afternoon when Sarah came over for a run. She’s training for a marathon in January and I’m training for a half marathon in October so we’ve decided to do a few runs together. She’s further along in her training than I am and it was difficult to keep up at times, but I would walk and she’d circle back for me. I did about 11 miles and she did closer to 12 in the 2.5 hours that we were out on the trail. Exercising with friends is so much easier. I know for a fact that I wouldn’t have pushed myself that hard if training alone. I’m a hurtin unit now though.   😛

I can’t remember if I posted this already, but I’ve decided to be a “non-fund-raising mentor” for the next season of Team In Training (Yancy was in on this decision too). I get to co-mentor with Sarah and I’m really excited! There will be a bigger time commitment as a mentor but less stress since I don’t have to raise money this time. I still have to pay all my expenses for the race, but I’d probably have done it anyways. This way I get the benefit of training with the Team and helping others raise those much needed funds to fight blood cancers. Training season starts in November. Right now I really need to focus on my running and diet.


I’ve just discovered Almond Milk (vanilla flavored). It has 3 grams more sugar than Yancy’s organic fat-free milk, but I’m ok with that because it tastes good! I’m going to give it a good trial to see how my body reacts.

More photos

Can you see the difference??? The picture with Mom & Paula is from 9/2008 and the one with just Mom & I is from 9/2010.

Lake Stevens triathlon & Iron Girl 2010

My mom came over Friday night (9/10/10) after Yancy and I had already been up to Lake Stevens to pick up my race packet. We stayed up talking and then I had a hard time sleeping (maybe should have skipped the 3pm coffee). But we still got up around 5:30am on Saturday and drove to Lake Stevens (North-East of Evertt, WA). This was the first triathlon my mom got to watch me in. As usual, I really appreciated all of Yancy’s help getting me ready (from loading/unloading my bike to helping me get into my wetsuit). The race started around 8am and I was in the third wave. The water was COLD!!! It seriously felt colder than 65 degrees! I had a great swim; 0.9 miles in 29 minutes. Transition was a little slow because my feet were so cold. I was careful to warm up and do efficient shifting on the bike and ended having my best race bicycling experience yet. Finished 25 miles in 1 hour 33 minutes. My feet were still very cold and transitioning to the run was pretty difficult. I did the 10K in about an hour and 22 minutes with walking-jogging intervals. For this race I really focused on breathing a good nutrition/hydration. I was really ready to be done when I crossed the finish line at 3 hours 28 minutes but am soooo happy with that time! This was my third olympic distance triathlon. I finished the first in 3 hours 52 minutes (3/29/09) and the second (8/2/09) in something like 3 hours and 59 minutes… That means I took just over 23 minutes off of my best time!!! That’s a pretty significant improvement in a year and a half! Oh and here’s one more thing that made my day: I had been playing “leap-frog” with a girl out on the bike course until I finally left her in the dust. She caught up to me on the run and we chatted a bit. She said I was “a champ on the hills!” I can’t even say how good that makes me feel because the hills are my major nemesis! Yay for progress! Imagine where I’ll be next year!  🙂

After the race Mom, Yancy, and I went to the Maltby Cafe for an amazing breakfast (even though it was lunchtime). I was feeling sore and exhausted but hyper and excited… that’s an amusing combination. We went home and took a nap since we were all tired. Then we went with Mom on a major shopping spree and visit to Half Price Books. 🙂

Sunday morning we got up early again to head to Seattle for Iron Girl 2010. Yancy, being the best husband ever, drove Mom and I to Green Lake and dropped us off so he could go find parking. This is our FIFTH year of doing the event together. Iron Girl is an all women athletic series across the nation. In Seattle they have a 5K and 10K walk/run around Green Lake every September and really encourage mother-daughter teams. We did the 5K this year (because of my triathlon the previous day) and finished just shy of 45 minutes. It was a lot of fun. How lucky am I that I get to do running events with my mom? And there were so many other mother-daughter teams. I can’t believe how much the event has grown since 2006! Craziness!

We had lunch back in Redmond with our friends Donna & Enrico and their adorable 8 month daughter Lara. I learned that apparently all babies go through a stage of “stranger anxiety.” But Lara is just too cute and kept us entertained through lunch. Mom had to go home and Yancy and I spent the rest of the day lazing around the house. It was back to work on Monday after all. *sigh*

One more thought today: looking at pictures of my mom and I was a real eye opener. I have photos of us at the 2006 & 2008 races and compared to a photo taken this year, I look NOTHING like I did 2 years ago! Loosing 50 pounds and becoming a triathlete will do that to you. 😉   Here are a few pictures from this weekend:

Coconut prawns

I found a recipe for baked coconut prawns in a Rachel Ray magazine and got excited to try something new. Funny part is that I’ve never been a big fan of coconut, but recently discovered that I like it in “savory” foods, but not sweets. The recipe called for panko breading (which I had to look up on the internet), egg whites (which I assigned to Yancy), coconut extract, wheat flour, shredded coconut, some seasonings, and of course the prawns (I bought jumbo-farm raised). Yancy and I teamed up and had them ready in no time. Paired with jasmine rice and some peanut satay dipping sauce it was a fine meal. Other than the coconut flavor the prawns were surprisingly plain… will have to play with the seasonings more next time. Yes, I definitely think there will be a next time.

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