My weekend

One thing I’ve learned… I’m not much of a loner. Yancy was gone for most of the weekend and I really missed him. I caught myself Saturday morning lazing around the house with absolutely no ambition to do ANYTHING. In fact I would say I was feeling down and all that sounded nice was going back to sleep (even though I had just slept for about 10 hours). Is it the house that makes me this way? I had already had a super restful day on Friday and knew that I had lots to do, but just didn’t feel up to it. So I decided to go get a coffee and visit the Redmond Farmer’s Market. Just getting out of the house was what I needed, it made me feel better almost immediately (and the coffee did wonders)! I really enjoyed strolling around the market. I picked up some fresh basil, tomato, peaches, a ginormous apple, and some huge organic carrots. After the market I didn’t want to go home, but I also didn’t want to keep wandering around spending money. So I went to the off-leash dog park at Marymoore Park. This place is huge and gets quite busy at times. Sometimes I feel funny going there without a dog, but there are others who do the same. We love dogs and the park is a great place to get our fix.

I ended up hanging at the dog park for nearly an hour and a half. Some random dog decided we were going to be best friends. He kept bringing his tennis ball for me to throw… relentlessly… for an hour! His owner was sitting at a bench working on the crosswords and didn’t seem to mind that his dog had ditched him. I had fun talking to different dog owners and getting licked and jumped on by random dogs. In fact, I’ve never been drooled on so much in one day! Dogs sure know how to lift a person’s spirit. I’m really looking forward to the day Yancy and I get one or two.  🙂

After I got home I decided that even though I wasn’t in the mood for exercise I better at least go out for a walk. I put on my new hiking shoes that I’m still trying to break in and ended up doing a 5 mile walk on the Samammish Trail. It was a beautiful afternoon and I enjoyed watching the birds, the families, and the salmon jumping out of the water. When I got home I had a quick snack and then drove to North Seattle where I visited my friends Bex and Spot (aka Elizabeth). Spot is getting married in November and after dinner and lots of chatting we worked on some of her wedding invitations. Once again, I feel better… having good company makes a huge difference. I got home around 12:30am to a happy and talkative cat who snuggled with me all night.

Today I slept in until about 9am, but decided to get up an moving and not waste this day. I had oatmeal with fresh peach and a little yogurt. Then I set about on a mad cleaning session of my entire house. After the house was spotless I put on all my bike gear and set out for a hill training ride. A few miles from our place there’s a hill called Hollywood Hill. It’s steep in places, but what kills you is how long of a climb it is… nearly 2 miles before you get a downhill. Well I did it twice today! The first time up my lungs felt like they were on fire. The second time it was my legs that felt on fire. Coming back down the last time was AWESOME!!! I hit 36 mph before chickening out and using the brakes. Total mileage for today was 16.7, but I’m sure there were a ton of calories burned. (1294 calories per MyNetDiary) When I got home I had a Luna Sport Strawberry-Banana Recovery Smoothie and it never tasted so good!

It’s about 5pm now and I’m going to walk to Trader Joe’s to grab a few ingredients for tonight’s dinner. Maybe I’ll take a photo of it if everything turns out.  🙂

P.S. I almost got hit by a car in the roundabout at the bottom of Hollywood Hill. Some guy failed to yield and didn’t see me. I waved and shouted. His passenger was yelling at him to stop, and I swerved so we didn’t crash, but my heart was beating nearly out of my chest. I just gave him dirty looks and went back on my way.  Also nearly got run over by a little girl who came up behind me on a bicycle yesterday when walking. She came close enough to knock my water bottle right out of my hand… a few more inches and we would have had a good crash. Two close calls this weekend, but I’m feeling lucky!

Here is my dog friend from the park:


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