Inspired by Spot

Saturday night my friend Spot made a really delicious pizza from scratch. I was thinking of the fresh basil and tomato I had bought at the farmers market and got all inspired to make a pizza for Yancy when he got home from PAX. Whenever we go to an authentic Italian pizzeria Yancy likes to order the Margarita Pizza.

So I went to Trader Joe’s for pizza dough, mozzarella, and pre-made pizza sauce. While the dough was resting/rising I heated up my pampered chef pizza stone and got all the ingredients together for a margarita pizza. It was a piece of art and I really enjoyed working the pizza dough (even though I went a little crazy with the flour). I didn’t cook it quite long enough so it was a bit doughy, but in the end the pizza was perfectly edible. Yancy loved it and I can’t wait to try again.


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