Count down is on!

Only 2 full days before my triathlon! It’s the olympic distance race at Lake Stevens (by BuDu Racing). I am both excited and nervous. Excited because I love triathlons & the atmosphere at these kinds of events, and a little nervous that I’m not as ready as I’d like to be. Training has definitely been slack since my last race (the half iron tri on 6/20/10). But I did get a little training in this week: 5miles walk on Sat, 16.7 mile hilly bike ride on Sunday, 6 mile run/walk on Tuesday, and some lap swimming on Thursday. Today and tomorrow I need to take it easy, but continue to move. So maybe some walking and an easy bike ride. I’m already thinking about all that I need to pack and what kinds of energy snacks I’ll be bringing.

Really looking forward to my Mom coming over tomorrow. I’m so excited that she’ll be there to watch my triathlon. My husband and Mom… that’s gotta be the best cheering combo ever! And then on Sunday Mom and I will do the Iron Girl 5k. I think this will be our fifth year of doing this race together. Can’t wait for the weekend to get here!!! Just gotta make it through one more busy day at work.


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