A fine weekend!

Saturday morning Yancy and I got up early and drove to Kirkland to volunteer with some TNT peeps for the Kirkland Sprint Triathlon. We got to man the bike portion of the race which meant standing/sitting on a side street for a few hours to make sure no cars turned onto the race course. It was a lot of fun to cheer on all the racers as the rode by. Most looked really tired so I think they must have just climbed a good hill before passing my location. Some were happy and waved back at me or said thanks. Some were looking so spent that they couldn’t take their eyes off the road. It was interesting to see all the choices of gear and clothing. Being a sprint distance (half what I did last weekend), there were probably a lot of noobie triathletes. Yancy and I both enjoyed ourselves and will probably volunteer the next time we get an opportunity.

Saturday afternoon we drove to Olympia (through some heavy traffic) to visit Yancy’s cousin Gavin and his family. We got a tour of their new house and spent some time just chillin (and watched the Sounders cream Columbus Crew – MLS soccer match). Yancy’s other cousin Tamara (Gavin’s sister) came over and we all had fun visiting and eating BBQ.  We went out for a few drinks too (so my “no-alcohol” countdown has restarted). Yancy and I stayed the night in their fabulous guest room (I have bed envy now) and went to Ihop this morning to celebrate Spencer’s birthday (Gavin’s older son). It was a fun time with family… like a mini-indoor family reunion! If they lived closer we’d spend a lot more time hanging out. But I’m sure there will be more weekend visits in the future.  🙂

As usual with family gatherings I kind of pigged out on any available junk food. C’est la Vie. I made up for it in the afternoon when Sarah came over for a run. She’s training for a marathon in January and I’m training for a half marathon in October so we’ve decided to do a few runs together. She’s further along in her training than I am and it was difficult to keep up at times, but I would walk and she’d circle back for me. I did about 11 miles and she did closer to 12 in the 2.5 hours that we were out on the trail. Exercising with friends is so much easier. I know for a fact that I wouldn’t have pushed myself that hard if training alone. I’m a hurtin unit now though.   😛

I can’t remember if I posted this already, but I’ve decided to be a “non-fund-raising mentor” for the next season of Team In Training (Yancy was in on this decision too). I get to co-mentor with Sarah and I’m really excited! There will be a bigger time commitment as a mentor but less stress since I don’t have to raise money this time. I still have to pay all my expenses for the race, but I’d probably have done it anyways. This way I get the benefit of training with the Team and helping others raise those much needed funds to fight blood cancers. Training season starts in November. Right now I really need to focus on my running and diet.


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