Souders game

Well, I lagged a little this morning and missed another chance to work out. Stayed in and visited with Yancy and his dad instead. Still fun. The three of us headed into Seattle just after noon and had coffee at Yancy’s favorite place, then went across the street to shop at REI. I got warm glove-mitten things and Yancy got a cap for running & cycling.

We met Mike, Joey, and their friend Tanya at Fado’s (Irish Pub) for a delicious & high calorie lunch. Those three hard ciders really got me! We went out for the traditional March to the Match (Sounder fans meet at Occidental Park and basically parade to the stadium). It’s hard to describe the energy of that crowd, but it’s definitely contagious, and since it’s Halloween, even more entertaining than usual. Joey’s blanket made of scarves was a big hit. He even got Drew Carey (co-owner of the Sounders) to stand for a picture with him! There were over 35,000 people at the game! It was an exciting match, but we finished down 1-0. It’s not over though. Sounders get another go at the LA Galaxy in California next Sunday. If we can win by at least 1 point we stay in the play-offs. It’s going to be a hard game because LA is currently the best MLS team in the states! I have a feeling Yancy and I will be parked in some pub next week with lots of other fans.  🙂

I felt soooo good after yesterday’s workout and can’t wait to get back into my exercise routine again. Forgot how much better it makes me feel. TNT season kick-off is in one week and counting! Hopefully Yancy and I can get a good night’s sleep since we BOTH go back to work tomorrow. Sweet dreams!

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Back in the water!

After all our good intentions, Yancy and I ended up not going for that outdoor walk/run this morning. Instead we sat in front of the computer and watched live coverage of the Rally to Restore Sanity (and/or Fear). It was very entertaining and had a great message. We had sandwiches for lunch and then sat around for a while (he’s totally hooked on some computer game).

It was looking very cold and wet outside and the house was too quiet. I finally couldn’t handle it any more and left for the gym. I walked/ran/walked on the treadmill, stretched, did ten minutes on the stair master (had planned more, but my heart rate was getting too high and I was getting too hot), stretched more, then hit the pool for a solid workout of 1400 yards with drills from my last triathlon coach. I finished my workout with a good soak in the hot tub. And I feel like a million bucks!!! It felt so good to exercise hard again after taking so much time off!!!

I came home and cooked dinner for Yancy and his dad: cheese-spinach ravioli with marinara sauce, cesear salad, and toast. And that brings us up to date. 🙂  It’ll be another relaxing evening at home… but I do have a craving for ice cream and Dad has never been to Cold Stone Creamery……..

Family time

I had a tough week. Started off really not feeling well with some sort of stomach bug. Then ended the work week with some stressful, low staffed days. Topped of Thursday with attending a TNT meeting where I felt like I didn’t really get to contribute anything. Ah well, that is the past and I’m ready for a fun weekend!

Yancy’s dad came over Thursday night (from across the state) and we had a nice evening visiting. Friday morning we got up and sent Yancy off to his interview at Yes, he’s accepted the job at AT&T, and starts work on Monday… but seeing as they made him wait 4 weeks while they got things together, he doesn’t feel too bad about shopping around. We’ll see what comes of it.

After Yancy went into Seattle, Dad & I went out for breakfast, then drove to Tacoma where we visited Veronica and delivered some furniture. (she’s part of the family too, but the relations are way too complicated to explain here) Then Dad & I went for a drive around Point Defiance Park and walked a bit on the water front before having lunch at Anthony’s (awesome clam chowder in sour dough bread bowl with cesear salad). While driving “5 Mile Dive” we saw a deer, tons of roving raccoons, lots of runners, and some AMAZING scenery! I found myself actually wanting to run! (except I may be too frightened of all the raccoons) And WOW, the weather was just beautiful!

After lunch we drove further south to Olympia where we visited more family (Yancy’s cousin and his family). We had fun just hanging around talking, watching a little tv together, eating Tracie’s home-made pizzas (need her dough recipe), then making and devouring caramel apples. And I got to help make the caramel from scratch! That was fun! Yancy came down from Seattle in time for pizza and we all visited until around 9pm. Needless to say, Yancy and I were pretty tired after the drive home. Dad had gone on to Castle Rock to visit his sister for the night.

Today (Saturday) is pretty laid back and the rain has returned. Yancy and I are planning to at least get a walk in this afternoon and maybe a movie when Dad comes back. Tomorrow we are all crazy excited to be going to the Sounders MLS playoff game against the LA Galaxy. It’s going to be a tough game against one of the better teams in the league and probably wet & cold, but I’m feeling optimistic. Happy Halloween everyone!   🙂

from the waterfront at Point Defiance Park (Tacoma-Bremerton ferry)

jelly fish seen near the ferry landing

roving raccoons at Point Defiance Park

view of Tacoma Narrows Bridge from Point Defiance Park

caramel from scratch!

the most delicious caramel apples!

A source of inspiration

Check out this guy’s story:

You Tube video with Ben’s story (must see!) (his personal blog)

I’ve been working though Ben’s blog for a while. He’s a totally average guy (a few years younger than me), who has done some extraordinary things. He’s an inspiration and has taken it to the next level by sharing his story and reaching out to others. I want to do the same… which is a big part of the reason I started this new blog. I’m off to a slow start, but things will be getting exciting soon and I’ll be posting weight loss and fitness accomplishments in no time!

Nothing new

Nothing really exciting to post recently. Diet/exercise has been VERY relaxed lately. Under a bit of stress for a few different reasons. Really looking forward to starting training with the Team in a couple weeks. Looking forward to Yancy starting his new job… eventually. AT&T is really taking their time getting all the details and legalities worked out before he can start. But soon life will be back to normal and I’ll be ready to buckle down.

I’ve had an upset stomach for 3 days now and can’t figure out what I might have eaten to make me sick. So I’m on a diet of very simple foods and lots of fluids…. which gives me an excuse to eat things like top ramen and rice. Oh well, I’ll be burning it off soon. That’s all for now.


My new mantra: “I breathe in strength and release my fears.”


This time of year I am torn between two states of mind. In one I am in awe of the beautiful fall colors, loving the refreshing crisp cool air, excited for the winter fun… On the other, I get early “winter blues” where I find it difficult to get up in the mornings and carry out routine life. I get so tired of going to work in the dark and not having much daylight when I get home. I get tired of the Seattle rains. And in general I start staying home more often and reaching for those comfort foods. This year I’m doing another Team In Training event and will start group training in 2-3 weeks. I’m so excited to meet my new group of friends and exercise partners over the next 8 months. I really need the team. And I catch myself worrying what I’ll become when I’m not doing it any more. I guess I’ll just have to scheme up more crazy things to do! Something like… I dunno… maybe a marathon, century bike ride… and someday an Ironman. But I’ll try not to worry about the future too much. Right now I have a fun Fall/Winter ahead and it’s gonna fly by like the rest.

I will say this though; I have a very good feeling about 2011!

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