Deep thoughts during my bike ride

I went for a “short” bike ride today to enjoy some sunshine… even though it was really cold. I did 13.5 relatively “easy” miles on the Sammamish Trail (15-19 mph). During my ride I thought about how my ideals about exercise have really changed in the last year. It wasn’t long ago that I thought a 12 mile bike ride was hard core. Now that I’ve ridden up to 60 miles, that 12 seems like such a short ride… why bother? I’ve had the same thoughts about walking. If I only have 30-60 minutes to walk outside before it gets dark, why bother? But that’s a dangerous way of thinking! I exercise because it’s fun and makes me happy. Doing a shorter session doesn’t make me any less happy. If I only have 30-60 minutes free, I should still take advantage of it and get outside! Any exercise is better than none!!

More often than I’d like to admit, I think of food in a similar way. Sometimes if I make a bad food choice mid-day, I let the rest of the day get out of control. I don’t have these specific thoughts, but I do act like it: “If I’ve already blown it for today, might as well go all out and try to be better tomorrow.” Dangerous thinking! I know that I only harm my body when I do this, but how do I change my habits? It’s just not that easy to stop the downward spiral. I am seriously starting to think that this problem runs much deeper than “mental weakness.” The foods you eat have a physiological effect on your body: affecting blood sugars, satiation, and many other chemical reactions. As soon as I can get my hands on this book I hope to get some of the answers I seek: Ending Overeating. I know it’s important to be flexible and not go too hard on yourself for the occasional indulgence, but there’s got to be a way to get better control.

Well, life is an amazing journey isn’t it? This is what’s on my mind tonight. When I have time to think more on it and get a game plan, I’ll let ya know.


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