Getting back on track, new goals

Hey friends! I haven’t posted in a while because I just haven’t been in the mood to. Lot’s has happened, both good and bad. Yancy and I have been stressed out for a while over his job and stress tends to get under my skin (which I know happens to everyone). I feel tired a lot and less social and get crazy food cravings. I’ve also gained some weight since this summer which has got me a little down. On a more positive note, Yancy does have a new job that he should start some time next week (& got a raise too) and I’ve completed another half marathon (#3 for me) and I’m very excited about the next Team In Training season. Yancy and I are BOTH signed up to train for the New Balance Half Iron Triathlon in Victoria, Canada, June 2011. Training starts next month. Stress levels are going down and I am starting to get motivated to get moving on a more regular basis.

My finish time for the Spokane Half Marathon was 3 hours 5 minutes (12 minutes slower than the half I did in March). I eventually want to be able to run that 13.1 miles in 2 hours…  so it’s pretty humbling when I see how much work I have ahead. This year’s half iron triathlon was finished in 7 hours 42 minutes (due to certain circumstances) and I want to beat 7 hours next time. I have about 50 pounds to loose. And I especially need to make some changes in my diet so I feel better, am more “regular,”  and have more energy. Another positive note; at my physical last week I found out that I have perfect blood pressure, optimal cholesterol, and normal everything else. Other than weight, I’m super healthy!

Short term goals are this: Eat more veggies and less high fat foods. Exercise a minimum of three times per week. Work on stress control by doing things like journaling, blogging, talking to friends, or exercise.

If you don’t see me following through on this PLEASE say something or send me a message. I promise to not be offended, I need all the help I can get!


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