As I mentioned in my “breakfast” post, Yancy and I were out late last night at my friend Bex’s house, playing viedeo games. Well, they played and I watched. That Xbox Lego Indian Jones game is pretty funny! Bex was doing a 24 hour gaming marathon to raise $ for the Seattle Children’s Hospital. We went to show support and help her out with about 6-7 hours of game time. Unfortunately we made a stop at Top Pot Doughnuts in Seattle on our way. Thinking there would be other people at Bex’s house, we bought an assorted dozen… and these aren’t small doughnuts! Anyways, I ended up eating 2.5 of these super delicious/unhealthy monsters. 😦

At least I did get some exercise earlier in the day! After much suggesting, hinting, pleading, and pouting, I got Yancy to take me for a hike. We did the short bit of the Lake Serene hike, just up to the Bridal Falls and back. It was awesome to get out and get some fresh air on a crisp fall morning! And what a beautiful hike! Yancy even admitted that he was glad I got him out for it. 🙂

I LOVE hiking! Not sure if I’ve mentioned this before, but Yancy and I have a “New Years Resolution” goal for 2011. We plan to hike every single hike in our Best Hikes Near Seattle book (over 40 hikes) in the year 2011, and maybe more. I’ll be posting hike reports when we start.


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