Back in the water!

After all our good intentions, Yancy and I ended up not going for that outdoor walk/run this morning. Instead we sat in front of the computer and watched live coverage of the Rally to Restore Sanity (and/or Fear). It was very entertaining and had a great message. We had sandwiches for lunch and then sat around for a while (he’s totally hooked on some computer game).

It was looking very cold and wet outside and the house was too quiet. I finally couldn’t handle it any more and left for the gym. I walked/ran/walked on the treadmill, stretched, did ten minutes on the stair master (had planned more, but my heart rate was getting too high and I was getting too hot), stretched more, then hit the pool for a solid workout of 1400 yards with drills from my last triathlon coach. I finished my workout with a good soak in the hot tub. And I feel like a million bucks!!! It felt so good to exercise hard again after taking so much time off!!!

I came home and cooked dinner for Yancy and his dad: cheese-spinach ravioli with marinara sauce, cesear salad, and toast. And that brings us up to date. đŸ™‚Â  It’ll be another relaxing evening at home… but I do have a craving for ice cream and Dad has never been to Cold Stone Creamery……..


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