Family time

I had a tough week. Started off really not feeling well with some sort of stomach bug. Then ended the work week with some stressful, low staffed days. Topped of Thursday with attending a TNT meeting where I felt like I didn’t really get to contribute anything. Ah well, that is the past and I’m ready for a fun weekend!

Yancy’s dad came over Thursday night (from across the state) and we had a nice evening visiting. Friday morning we got up and sent Yancy off to his interview at Yes, he’s accepted the job at AT&T, and starts work on Monday… but seeing as they made him wait 4 weeks while they got things together, he doesn’t feel too bad about shopping around. We’ll see what comes of it.

After Yancy went into Seattle, Dad & I went out for breakfast, then drove to Tacoma where we visited Veronica and delivered some furniture. (she’s part of the family too, but the relations are way too complicated to explain here) Then Dad & I went for a drive around Point Defiance Park and walked a bit on the water front before having lunch at Anthony’s (awesome clam chowder in sour dough bread bowl with cesear salad). While driving “5 Mile Dive” we saw a deer, tons of roving raccoons, lots of runners, and some AMAZING scenery! I found myself actually wanting to run! (except I may be too frightened of all the raccoons) And WOW, the weather was just beautiful!

After lunch we drove further south to Olympia where we visited more family (Yancy’s cousin and his family). We had fun just hanging around talking, watching a little tv together, eating Tracie’s home-made pizzas (need her dough recipe), then making and devouring caramel apples. And I got to help make the caramel from scratch! That was fun! Yancy came down from Seattle in time for pizza and we all visited until around 9pm. Needless to say, Yancy and I were pretty tired after the drive home. Dad had gone on to Castle Rock to visit his sister for the night.

Today (Saturday) is pretty laid back and the rain has returned. Yancy and I are planning to at least get a walk in this afternoon and maybe a movie when Dad comes back. Tomorrow we are all crazy excited to be going to the Sounders MLS playoff game against the LA Galaxy. It’s going to be a tough game against one of the better teams in the league and probably wet & cold, but I’m feeling optimistic. Happy Halloween everyone!   🙂

from the waterfront at Point Defiance Park (Tacoma-Bremerton ferry)

jelly fish seen near the ferry landing

roving raccoons at Point Defiance Park

view of Tacoma Narrows Bridge from Point Defiance Park

caramel from scratch!

the most delicious caramel apples!


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