Souders game

Well, I lagged a little this morning and missed another chance to work out. Stayed in and visited with Yancy and his dad instead. Still fun. The three of us headed into Seattle just after noon and had coffee at Yancy’s favorite place, then went across the street to shop at REI. I got warm glove-mitten things and Yancy got a cap for running & cycling.

We met Mike, Joey, and their friend Tanya at Fado’s (Irish Pub) for a delicious & high calorie lunch. Those three hard ciders really got me! We went out for the traditional March to the Match (Sounder fans meet at Occidental Park and basically parade to the stadium). It’s hard to describe the energy of that crowd, but it’s definitely contagious, and since it’s Halloween, even more entertaining than usual. Joey’s blanket made of scarves was a big hit. He even got Drew Carey (co-owner of the Sounders) to stand for a picture with him! There were over 35,000 people at the game! It was an exciting match, but we finished down 1-0. It’s not over though. Sounders get another go at the LA Galaxy in California next Sunday. If we can win by at least 1 point we stay in the play-offs. It’s going to be a hard game because LA is currently the best MLS team in the states! I have a feeling Yancy and I will be parked in some pub next week with lots of other fans.  🙂

I felt soooo good after yesterday’s workout and can’t wait to get back into my exercise routine again. Forgot how much better it makes me feel. TNT season kick-off is in one week and counting! Hopefully Yancy and I can get a good night’s sleep since we BOTH go back to work tomorrow. Sweet dreams!

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