Tuesday morning decision

I briefly mentioned in yesterday’s post about a several pound weight gain since my last time on the scale. It was a three pound gain and had me feeling a little depressed. Logically I understand that 3 pounds could easily be any number of reasons (including water retention, indigestion, hormones…), but mentally I still get caught up in head games when it comes to the numbers on the scale. After talking to a friend and with Yancy I’ve decided to take somewhat drastic action… in my opinion anyways. I WILL NOT WEIGH MYSELF UNTIL AFTER MY TRIATHLON IN JUNE 2011. It’s seems a little crazy coming from someone who religiously weighs every week (used to weigh in daily), but the more I think about it, the more I’m liking the idea. This forces me to focus on the truly important things, like how I’m feeling, how I’m preforming in the sports I enjoy, how strong I’m getting, and how healthy I am. Weight is not the most important component of health, so I choose to put it on the back burner for the next 7 months or so and use other measurements for my success, things like heart rate and running distance. Please hold me accountable. 🙂



It’s Monday morning and I’m not sure if I’m happy or sad about it. Part of me doesn’t want to return to the “hum-drum” of a job that isn’t the most fulfilling. The other part is just happy to return to a routine again. I gained several pounds in the last two weeks and I’m sure that moping around the house is the main culprit (& my bad weather-holiday excuses). Time to get back in the rhythm of things. Too bad it has to start by undoing the damage of the last week.  😦

Mostly relaxing day

We got up TOO early for a Saturday! My friend Sarah invited us for lap swimming and an easy 6 mile run. Lap swimming at the YMCA was nice… except that it started at 7am.  😛  We were in the pool for nearly 55 minutes, of which I’m sure I swam a solid 45 minutes worth. I found myself getting a little tired from swimming but was still excited to strap on my garmin watch and heart rate monitor. It was crazy cold out! We had to be careful of certain icy spots on the roads & trails. Only 2 miles into our run I felt myself getting more tired and my heart rate getting a little too high so we cut back early and only did a total of 4. 8 miles. It still felt like a tough work out after not exercising all week. I’m so glad I have friends that push me! It felt good to get out there in the cold weather and do something good for myself after all the laziness.

The rest of the day was… well.. pretty much lazy.  😉  I spent quite a bit of time looking at triathlon magazines and weight loss stuff. I’m working on building up my “mental muscles” to join the weight loss fight. I’ve heard people say that endurance sports like marathons and triathlons are 20% physical and 80% mental. I believe it! I also think that loosing weight is mostly a mental battle. You have to overcome deep emotional hurdles when saying no to foods you crave. You have to find the motivation to exercise when there are so many other distractions, and to keep going when it gets hard. It’s a combination of daily choices that can be easy to procrastinate. You really have to WANT to succeed and stay FOCUSED in order to reach your goals.


p.s. The data that the new Garmin toy records is sooooo coooolll!!! It shows grafts of elevation changes and heart rate changes and pace changes. I love all the counting and visualization! I have a really good feeling about how this is going to change my running future.   😀


I’ve charged the battery and customized my new Garmin gps heart-rate monitor. It’s soooo cool! Can’t wait to use it! When exploring with the Garmin website where I’ll track all my stats I ran across a goal setting page. You can set different types of goals there and keep track of your progress. So as an experiment, I set a goal of 25 miles to be done by Christmas. Should be pretty easy. 😉

Tomorrow morning Yancy and I will get up super early to meet my friend Sarah at the local YMCA for lap swimming to be followed by a 6 mile run. Whoo hooo!

P.S. I totally skipped my weekly weigh-in…. trying to talk myself into facing the music…. I just don’t wanna! *sigh* Have to do it soon and get back to reality after a totally lazy week and two days of totally stuffing my face.   😛

P.S.S. I’m 3 weeks into my “no coffee” phase… Yancy is 2 days

Awesome new toy

I am the most spoiled girl I know! Yancy and I went shopping today with several things on our list, but ended up buying just one big ticket item for me. It’s the primo gps heart rate monitor from Garmin ($100 off original price). With this puppy I’ll be able to train in the optimal heart rate zone for weight loss and strength building. I’ll be able to track all my miles for running and cycling and calculate my calories burned. I can even wear it in the pool to time myself and track training stats. It has a 20 hour battery life and apparently can help me find my way back to the starting point of my hike. It transmits all my training data to the computer. And I can get a fancy thing to attach it to my bike to replace my bike computer. It’ll show my speed and cadence. This thing is so fancy, it’s going to take me some time to learn how to use it! So excited. Training is more fun when you can track and show your progress.

We also got a fantastic deal on head lamps for when we run or bike in dim lighting. And I bought a new pair of exercise shorts because I was wearing holes into my last favorite pair. I made out like a bandit today! Feels like Christmas. 🙂 My husband is the best! We’ll be getting him a heart rate monitor soon. Maybe the same one. Plus we have our eye on a particular indoor bike trainer, but that’ll have to wait a while. Maybe if we get a tax return next year.

Well, it’s Thanksgiving!

It was an interesting week in the Seattle area. The ice and snow pretty much shut us down. Work was a ghost town and we left early every day. Yancy and I were all packed and ready to head to Pullman, WA for our annual family Thanksgiving get-together… but had to make the very difficult decision to stay home. The roads are dangerously icy here, and the roads in Eastern Washington are just as bad or worse. It would have been a long and stressful drive over there and possibly more dangerous on the ride home with new snows on the passes over the weekend.

At first I was a little depressed about missing the family get-together. But I’ve decided to put my chin up and make the best of it. Yancy and I hit the crowded grocery store last night to get stuff for a mini Thanksgiving meal for the two of us. We have a small turkey breast, fresh squash, broccoli salad (from aunt Beth’s recipe), stuffing,  turkey gravy, and a pre-made pie. We also have sparkling cider and a bottle of wine. So we’ll stuff our faces and have a good time. Today was an amazingly lazy day sitting around and watching movies. Tomorrow we’re going to adventure out looking for some good deals on the craziest shopping day of the year. We might go see a movie at the theater as well.

Ok, I’m off to the kitchen to put together a dinner we’ll remember!

Snow & cold…. FREEZING COLD

It snowed all day in Issaquah (where I work) which meant a lot of patient cancellations and hideous traffic. Redmond (where I live) wasn’t too bad… maybe an inch of snow, but it’s the freezing cold that gets you! I don’t think it got above 32 degrees today! Tomorrow will be worse. Since Yancy and I have only one car, I get my own chauffeur (<no idea how to spell that), and I’m not complaining! Bring on the winter!

On a less cheerful note, I have to admit that I am using work, the holiday, and the weather to skip out on exercise. But I promise this: after Thanksgiving I’ll be working on my goals with 100% effort!!!

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