Kick off!

This morning we went to the Seattle  REI store for the Team In Training Spring Season Kickoff party. There was a huge group and an awesome atmosphere! It was fun to meet a few more of my new teammates. I have a really good feeling about this year! And our mentor group is pretty awesome! 😉

After the event, Yancy and I and my friend Melissa went to the Kauai Family Restaurant and ate some hearty Hawaiian food. OMG, salty, fattening, and yummy! Melissa is a coworker and she’s also doing TnT. We’re going to do a Hawaiian luau lunch fund-raiser at work so today’s lunch was inspiration and a chance to start some planning.

Yancy and I were both feeling a little miserable after that unhealthy food, so we came home and took a nap… a two hour nap. Maybe this being my 3rd day without caffeine had something to do with that as well. I did make it to the gym for a little treadmill action tonight. I had wanted to run outdoors today, but with all the rain and the late afternoon nap, I ended up at the gym. Did 3.5 miles of mostly walking with a little running thrown in. I feel better!

Tomorrow I’m excited for circuit training at Cathy’s gym and the Sounders game in the evening.


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