Run practice

Another busy week at work! Some days I wonder why I work in the field I do… other days I love it (ophthalmology). Go figure. Tomorrow will be the toughest day all week because it’s almost all children all day. Ugh! They can be fun, but are a lot of work too and make it difficult to keep the doctor on schedule.

I’ve been great with the exercise this week! And ok with food choices. Getting back into a training routine has been easier than I thought it would. I’m starting to feel better and am almost looking forward to my weigh in on Friday. But since I’m also doing strength training, I don’t want to get my hopes too high. 😛  (Sunday: circuit training & lap swimming, Monday: rest, Tuesday lap swimming, Wednesday: run & some core, Thursday’s plan is a core workout, Friday’s plan is a bike ride, and Saturday’s plan is the Pineapple Classic)

Today I literally worked 10.5 hours straight due to a lunchtime meeting and busy schedule. Then Yancy picked me up at work for a quick Subway dinner and slow drive to North Seattle (bad traffic) for our first official Team practice. We did some fun warm-ups and a 5 minute jog, some drills, and a 20 minute easy run, then a short core workout, and stretching. It was cold and crowded, but FUN! I am so happy to be back on the Team! Yancy did great and jogged the whole time and even socialized. I’m so proud of him!

Well, once I make it through my hellatious work day tomorrow, it’s an evening of errands and housework, then the WEEKEND! And it’s going to be a fun weekend too!


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