Pineapple Classic 2010

This morning Yancy and I ran in one of the funnest races I can imagine. It’s the Pineapple Classic, a 5k race with obstacles. Things like hurdles, walls to climb, tubes to crawl through, tires to jump through, a cargo net mountain to climb, monkey bars over a “lake,” & a giant slip and slide… all spread over muddy fields in the back country of North Bend. FUN!!!!! We started cold, got muddy fast, soaked our feet, slipped around in more mud, got winded, used muscles which will leave us sore in weird places, got over obstacles we weren’t sure if we were strong enough for, but we carried that pineapple to the finish line with smiles on our faces. This year’s team was Yancy and I with my friend Stephanie and her husband Mike. Can’t say enough how fun this race was. We finished in about 45 minutes, but it was a hard workout. We grabbed a plate of Hawaiian food at the luau but skipped the beer. Then went home for a hot shower, dry clothes, and a nap. And the day is only half done!

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And one more picture:

Yancy and I before the Pineapple Classic 2010 (love the background!)


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