I worked out today

Last night Yancy and I joined some friends in North Seattle for a beer tasting event. This event was HUGE! I don’t drink beer, which gave me the privilege of being designated driver for Yancy who ended up drinking something like 40 oz. of beer! Other than being too crowded, it was a lot of fun and a good way to wrap up our Saturday.

This morning we slept in a little before heading off to circuit training class. I didn’t give it my all because I somehow strained my left knee during yesterday’s Pineapple Classic race. It hurts to bend my knee… especially when bearing weight, like taking the stairs or sitting down onto a chair. But I still got a good workout in and sweat a bit. We came home to eat, change, and relax a few hours before heading back out for workout #2. It was a 10k time trial bike ride on a computrainer with over 20 minutes of warm-up. You bring your bike and set the back tire into this contraption hooked up to a computer and the front tire sits in a stand. So you’re riding your own bike like it’s a stationary bike. During the time trial, the computer changes your resistance to simulate going up and down hills. It tracks your speed, distance, wattage, and other technical stuff on a big screen at the front of the room. Yancy and I had a good race and kept a great pace… but he still beat me! Here’s the stats from today’s ride:

Date of Race: 2010-11-14
Time of Race: 16:00:15
Race Location: Seattle Multispor
course filename = CompuTrainer_TimeTrial.crs
Length of Race: 6.20 Miles
Name:            BURNS, YANCY
Weigh-in:        150
Track Position:  3
Rolling Resistance after 5 Minute Warmup: 1.71 Pounds
Finish Time:     19:15.33 Seconds
Finish Place:    1
Average Speed =  19.32 MPH
Peak Speed =     27.80 MPH
Average Power =  180.83 Watts
Peak Power =     384.00 Watts
Average SS =  208.5
Name:            BURNS, AMY
Weigh-in:        145
Track Position:  4
Rolling Resistance after 5 Minute Warmup: 1.22 Pounds
Finish Time:     20:33.27 Seconds
Finish Place:    2
Average Speed =  18.10 MPH
Peak Speed =     24.70 MPH
Average Power =  150.92 Watts
Peak Power =     265.00 Watts
Average SS =  181.8

I'm not sure what some of it means... maybe some day I'll learn.
I just know that I'm happy with an 18.1 average mph!
And I'm looking forward to my "rest day" tomorrow!  :O)

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