Massage :)

After a big weekend with lots of exercise, Monday was a wonderful day of rest (other than grocery shopping & laundry). This morning we got in the pool for lap swimming, but I really wasn’t feeling it. (didn’t sleep well last night & didn’t have any pre-exercise snack) I only swam for about half an hour, but I least I got to the pool and did that much! It’s better than the alternative. This evening I got my much needed sports massage. With all the training, my back, neck, and shoulders get very tight. I have chronic back issues anyways from being overweight and having poor posture. I feel so much better tonight after the massage and am actually looking forward to run practice tomorrow night!

I need to focus more on healthy food choices. I’m finding that with the increase in exercise, my hunger also increases and it’s too easy to grab the closest snack food. To give myself credit, yesterday there was a birthday cake in the breakroom that looked very delicious and I didn’t even have a piece! Yay for progress!

Hope the weather is kind to us for the rest of the week, we’ve got a lot planned! Good night!


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