Tonight was run practice, and DANG, it was colllllld!!! We had a very busy day at work but still got out early because the doctor had a meeting. Melissa (my coworker who’s also doing TnT) came over for dinner. I made a stir fry of fresh carrots & broccoli with marinated flank steak and jasmine rice. YUM! Our run would have been more fun if it wasn’t freezing out, but I still had a good time. I’m thinking we did an easy 2 – 2.5 miles (+ some drills). My running has certainly improved since last year and I can’t wait to see how I’m doing in the Spring!  Lunch today was disgraceful. Gotta get a game plan for birthday potlucks! Some soda and chips happened… and a very large piece of cake. The junk food kinda made my stomach upset later in the day which didn’t help the run. Maybe I need to be official and tell everyone “I going on a diet.” Hmmm…. gotta think on that for a little bit. Good night for now!


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