Sunday came and went

This weekend flew by way too fast, but that’s ok because it’s next weekend that I’m really excited about. I love Thanksgiving! It’s the only American holiday that’s truly centered around family. Yancy and I will be making our annual trip to Pullman to visit his side of the family. Can’t wait! I’m happy for a nice three day work week and some time off of formal TNT meetings. Don’t get me wrong, I love hanging out with my teammates, but after doing TNT events four days in a row like I did last week, I welcome some quiet time at home with my husband. Today we did circuit training class and pretty much nothing else. Just hanging at home and resting.

Last night we went downtown to meet some friends (Joey’s birthday) for the Harry Potter Experience at the Science Center and then the new movie on the iMax screen. That was pretty awesome, but I was absolutely exhausted when we got home… basically went straight to bed…. at 2 am.

The weather has been getting colder and colder. We even had snow flurries today but they didn’t really stick. Winter is here! I have mixed feeling about the snow this year. I don’t want it because it will make triathlon training less fun… but I’m looking forward to trying some new snow sports this year too. I’m especially interested in snow showing. Se la vie!


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