Awesome new toy

I am the most spoiled girl I know! Yancy and I went shopping today with several things on our list, but ended up buying just one big ticket item for me. It’s the primo gps heart rate monitor from Garmin ($100 off original price). With this puppy I’ll be able to train in the optimal heart rate zone for weight loss and strength building. I’ll be able to track all my miles for running and cycling and calculate my calories burned. I can even wear it in the pool to time myself and track training stats. It has a 20 hour battery life and apparently can help me find my way back to the starting point of my hike. It transmits all my training data to the computer. And I can get a fancy thing to attach it to my bike to replace my bike computer. It’ll show my speed and cadence. This thing is so fancy, it’s going to take me some time to learn how to use it! So excited. Training is more fun when you can track and show your progress.

We also got a fantastic deal on head lamps for when we run or bike in dim lighting. And I bought a new pair of exercise shorts because I was wearing holes into my last favorite pair. I made out like a bandit today! Feels like Christmas. 🙂 My husband is the best! We’ll be getting him a heart rate monitor soon. Maybe the same one. Plus we have our eye on a particular indoor bike trainer, but that’ll have to wait a while. Maybe if we get a tax return next year.


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