Tuesday morning decision

I briefly mentioned in yesterday’s post about a several pound weight gain since my last time on the scale. It was a three pound gain and had me feeling a little depressed. Logically I understand that 3 pounds could easily be any number of reasons (including water retention, indigestion, hormones…), but mentally I still get caught up in head games when it comes to the numbers on the scale. After talking to a friend and with Yancy I’ve decided to take somewhat drastic action… in my opinion anyways. I WILL NOT WEIGH MYSELF UNTIL AFTER MY TRIATHLON IN JUNE 2011. It’s seems a little crazy coming from someone who religiously weighs every week (used to weigh in daily), but the more I think about it, the more I’m liking the idea. This forces me to focus on the truly important things, like how I’m feeling, how I’m preforming in the sports I enjoy, how strong I’m getting, and how healthy I am. Weight is not the most important component of health, so I choose to put it on the back burner for the next 7 months or so and use other measurements for my success, things like heart rate and running distance. Please hold me accountable. đŸ™‚


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