Frustrating running

It’s probably several factors all together, but I really had a tough time running today. Just getting tired really fast and my heart rate was going high too quickly. It was fricken cold out there which doesn’t help. So I ended up walking nearly half of the TNT run this morning. And I had a little mishap with my Garmin. I learned that when it’s searching for satellites and asks you if you are indoors, don’t hit “yes” or else it turns off gps and doesn’t track your distance. 😦 I’m thinking I did about 3 miles (a lot of that walking).

Yancy is still sick with a cold but seems to be getting better. During my run he was shopping for new running shoes and may have found the solution to the foot pain he had been having. After lunch we took a nap together. It was so sunny and beautiful out (but still in the low 40’s) that I decided to go for another outdoor adventure. I walked 3 miles on the Sammamish Trail near our house. The sunshine and fresh air did me some good! But I have to admit I’m already missing my gym membership because today I really badly wanted to go for a swim.

Now it’s time to chill at home with my hubby. Maybe soup and sandwiches for dinner and some Netflicks movies.


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