Catch up to the weekend

It was a busy and exhausting week, but I’m feeling rested and happy after my late afternoon nap. 🙂  Here’s what I was up to since my last post: Tuesday’s personal training session with Cathy was awesome (first one after several months). Especially because my sore muscles had barely recovered from Sunday’s work out. I can’t tell you how good it feels to be back into an exercise groove again! After our workout with Cathy, Yancy and I decided to be a little naughty and go out to eat at the Pumphouse (bar & grill). I skipped on the beer and ate a grilled chicken sandwich…. with cheddar and bacon… and fries.

Wednesday night we ran in the rain with a super small crowd of TNT’ers. It was actually pretty fun. Then we did a late night run to the grocery store for the last few things needed for the lunch luau fund-raiser I was organizing at work. A lot of work went into this event over the week and on Thursday we pulled it off. One fun lunch time luau lunch, complete with colorful decorations (including blow up palm trees), hula music, and a hula dance dvd playing in the background. I honest to God got up at 4:30AM to prepare a bunch of the food. My coworker Melissa make an excellent Kahlua Pork and fruit punch. And I pretty much did everything else: spam appetizers (cracker with backed spam & pepper-jack cheese), white rice, authentic Hawaiian style macaroni salad, a huge green salad, and a big bowl of fresh fruit (pineapple, kiwi, strawberries, red grapes, & banana). Our coworkers loved the luau and had lots of encouragement for us. It only made about $300 for the LLS, but it was a lot of fun and got the word out to the clinic about what we’re doing. That evening Yancy and I were pretty much exhausted after a long week of busyness and exercising so we ended up just going out for dinner again.

Friday I spent at home while he went to work. Got caught up on most of the house work and a few emails and spent some lovely time reading a book and just relaxing. Friday night was swim practice. My favorite and Yancy’s nemisis. Another super small TNT group, but that’s ok with me because most of us had our own swim lane. Luckily I’m doing much better with swimming than running. I had a good talk with Coach Fred and he’ll be pushing me a little harder in the pool since the cardio benefits will carry over to running. We went out for dinner yet again with some friends from the Team after swimming. Great conversation! And I’m feeling really good about this training season!

Unfortunately we didn’t get to bed Friday night until about 11:30… which made getting up at 6:30am this morning really suck! I haven’t struggled with the coffee cravings so much until today! But we made it to bike practice and ended up having another great work out. It was a short warm up ride followed by a 10 mile time trial along Lake Washington Blvd. We’ll get to repeat a few times over the season to measure progress. My time was 35 minutes, 3 seconds and I’m happy with that… except that Yancy totally beat me by 3 minutes! He is FAST! I wonder if I’ll be able to get under 30 minutes for the time trial by June. Well I can try!

Nothing else exciting today. We went for an overdue adjustment with the chiropractor. We’ve been seeing Dr Michael Caravalho for over four years now and he’s so good to us. It’s really hard to get in to see him now that we both work on the Eastside and train with the Team on Saturdays, but it’s also hard to try anyone new.

Well that’s got us up to date. Tomorrow I have circuit training and time with a friend while Yancy goes to the International Motorcycle show with the guys. This will be my first year skipping the show, but I don’t really care anymore. My poor motorcycle just sits in the garage since I’ve gotten addicted to triathlons.  😛

Oh ya, one more exciting this this week! Some time back I had submitted a personal “success story” online at and this weekend I got an email saying that I had won the monthly raffle and won a free heart rate training computer! The one I’ve chosen is the RS800CX and would cost $440 if I bought it from their webpage. It’s a super nice training computer, but doesn’t have the gps built in so I may end up selling it so that Yancy can get the same Garmin computer that I have. How lucky is that?!?  :O)


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