This morning I enjoyed a good work out at group circuit training class. During one of the exercises (a side step up with hand weights) I was noticing that it was kind of hard on my knees. And then I realized I was holding only 30 pounds (15 in each hand) and got to thinking what this would have felt like when I weighed 50 pounds more than I do. No wonder I didn’t like running or hiking or going up stairs. It’s hard to climb anything with all that extra weight! A good reminder to keep doing what I’m doing and as I get thinner and stronger, my future looks better and better.

In the afternoon I had a nice outdoor walk with my good friend Stephanie from her house, around Greenlake. At least 3.5 miles. And the heavy rain that we’ve had since last night let up for our walk. How perfect! Then I met Yancy and the guys in Bellevue. They were “Half Price Books” hopping. We had dinner and now I’m WAY TOO FULL. Looking forward to laying on the couch with Yancy and watching a movie. I think we’re watching “Run Lola Run.” No idea what it’s about. Night night.  🙂


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