Mixed feelings

I’ve come down with a little chest cold or something. Woke yesterday morning drenched with sweat. Went to work and was feeling nauseated and quite shaky. I was radiating heat and just sure that I was running a fever. I would have sucked it up and worked through the day, but then something else happened… Pretty early in the workday I had a confrontation with the doctor I work for. I wasn’t trying to argue, I was just defending the way I had been doing something for over a year because it was on the protocol I was told to follow and no one has said anything about it before. She asserted her authority over me and pretty much said that I am not allowed to state my side of things because it’s arguing and not my place. Since I wasn’t feeling well to start with, and the confrontation only made me feel worse, I decided to go home sick at lunchtime. Oh, and I also have a mysterious pain in my left heel that hurts when I put any pressure on it. That started as soon as I woke up and I can’t figure out what I may have done. There is a little red spot, so maybe it’s just a bruise that I can’t remember giving myself. I’ve been known to do that before. 😛

Yancy suggested that I still go to run practice with the Team and just walk. It was raining lightly, but not too cold. I bundled up and went walking, but then Coach Cathy announces that it’s our first 1 mile time trial run. I really wanted to see where I’m at, so decided to just give it a go…. it’s only 4 laps around the track afterall. I felt ok for the first 2.5 laps, heel really started hurting and I was breathing a little too hard by the end. But I ran that mile in 10 minutes and a few seconds! I’m really proud of that time, especially on a day when I’m feeling poorly! Except I felt even worse after. Nose wouldn’t stop running (which isn’t too unusual for me) and I was coughing a lot. I walked pretty slow for the rest of the cool down and was eager to get home to take a shower and get dry.

Once again I am reminded that even though I may have a few things to whine about, my life is actually really fantastic. My coach, personal trainer, friend, and source of inspiration, Cathy is fighting her second round of breast cancer. She has kept such a positive attitude through this whole thing and I can’t say how much I admire this woman’s attitude and strength. She is undergoing surgery TODAY for a bilateral mastectomy. I’m thinking of her all the time. If you pray, please send a few out for her. She is strong and healthy, I’m sure she’ll come through this on top, but it’s still a hard road to walk both physically and emotionally.


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