Stupid weather

Made it out to practice today but ended up walking most of it. I got about 4 miles in though. Still feeling a little under the weather when I put effort into the exercise, but mostly feeling back to normal. The weather in Seattle is back to major crappiness. Windy, wet, and cold today. At least our TNT practice was only a run this morning, biking in that is no fun.

Yesterday was beautifully sunny, but very cold. Try as I might, I couldn’t convince myself to go out for a bike ride. I did go to the mall and get my hair colored dark brown again and I love it. I also took the Polar RS800CX that I won to REI and they let me trade it in for a Garmin Forerunner 310xT (same model Yancy bought for me after Thanksgiving). The Garmin is around $400 when not on sale. The Polar was worth $420, so REI even gave me money back for it which I used towards a much needed warm jacket that I can use for both cycling and running. YAY! I’m one lucky girl! 🙂 And since we now have the same fancy monitor (for less than the price of one I might add), Yancy can help me learn how to use mine better.

Some of Yancy’s coworkers went out to a bar after work last night and I went to join them. It was actually a lot of fun…. except the half hour conversation about sound systems that nearly put me to sleep. Yancy didn’t actually know all the people there, but two were his bosses. They were really nice and we even got invited to a New Years party.

Now if this weather would give us a break, we could get on with a fun weekend!   😛


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