Another day has passed and I’m feeling like it was wasted. Ah well, life goes on. You can’t be prefect every day! Yancy and I stayed up really late watching movies last night and enjoyed sleeping in this morning. We literally stayed in bed until 9am! I saw bits of the beautiful sunrise from bed and had fun spending quiet time with my best friend (& the silly cat). We spent the rest of the morning lazing around, talking, looking at things online. As usual, I was getting stir crazy by the afternoon. Instead of going outdoors for a bike ride or walk to enjoy the sunshine, we went out shopping. We wanted to look at and possibly purchase Kindles and accessories. Apparently all the Kindles in Redmond are sold out!

Yancy and I have been talking a lot about simplifying life and de-cluttering. It’s a difficult and slow process, but we’re taking it in baby steps. We’ve decided to get the Kindle books so we can get rid of the paper books cluttering the spare room and stop buying new ones. Plus I’m going to recycle all the old magazines that I tend to collect for no good reason. During my week off I’m going to devote extra time to getting rid of junk. Today I did make one purchase: a small purse… so I can put less crap in it. Now I just need to “let go” of my old worn out purses.   😛

We’re hoping to move to a smaller house in March and are already thinking of ways to reduce what we have to move and store. Here are two websites that have really inspired Yancy & I:

Having less “stuff” may make us happier, and being out of debt will most definitely make us happier! Living more simply seems to be less stress. We’ll try and let you know how it goes!


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