My tamales

I took inspiration for my tamale recipe from the following three websites:

Here’s how I made a huge load of tamales:  Last night I put a large pork shoulder in a crock-pot with one onion (quartered), several cloves of garlic, generous chili powder & johny’s salt, and filled the pot with water. I put a smaller beef roast in a small crock pot with the same ingredients and cooked both on low for ten hours. (Woke around 4am smelling meat!) When they were done, I took the meat roasts out and shredded them with forks and a big knife, separating most of the fat out. I covered the meat with juices from the crock-pot and put it in the fridge.  I strained the onion and garlic out and saved the liquid from both crock-pots. I pureed the onion and garlic to use in the meat sauce. For the sauce I put some of the meat juices in a large pot and brought to a boil, added some flour to thicken, then added the onion/garlic puree and then the meat and more seasonings (mostly chili powder, but also some oregano & thyme). I cooked it just enough to warm the meat and let it and soak up the sauce.  While heating up the meat I was also soaking corn husks in warm water.    Masa mix = 4 cups Masa Harina, 2-3 tsp johny’s salt, 1-2 tsp garlic powder (stir dry ingredients before adding liquid). I add 1 cup corn oil then the reserved liquid from crock-pots (maybe 2 cups), mix until masa looks like cookie dough and spreads easily.  I set up a little assembly line of corn husks, masa mix, and meat (see picture). I spread a small handful of masa on each husk, mashing it down flat by hand, then adding meat. This time I tied each tamale with a strip of corn husk after rolling it up. Once the steamer was full for the first batch, I steamed them for a little over 90 minutes. To test doneness I opened one tamale to make sure the masa didn’t stick to the husk… then I had to taste that one.. and it was good!  :O) I put the first batch of tamales on cooling racks, all 42 of them. The second load will probably be the same.   And now I’m tired! My back and feet are sore from several hours leaning over the counter. But I’m happy with my end product and will enjoy giving them away for Christmas gifts. :O)

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