It was a merry Christmas

It was going to be a low key and boring Christmas. But Yancy’s dad (Gene) decided kind of last minute to visit us, and arrived Friday afternoon. We had fun watching movies and drinking wine on Christmas Eve. I made them suffer through a chick-flick movie and Yancy got his revenge by having us watch Zombieland. We opened the presents we had received and stayed up late just chatting. Christmas morning we slept in and then Yancy made coffee & breakfast (yup my “no-coffee” streak is broken again, but will start back up soon). We dropped off some tamales for Cathy (who had surgery for breast cancer last week). It was fantastic to see her moving around and chipper. She is one amazing woman!

Christmas day was just gorgeous! We enjoyed the drive up to Everette where we visited Yancy’s uncle (brother of Yancy’s mom). Gene and Jim had known each other from way back. Gene had even preformed Jim & Fawn’s marriage! All three of Yancy’s cousins were home visiting the fam too so we had a great time sitting around talking and drinking coffee… So after all my “I’m not celebrating Christmas this year” I ended up having a fantastic time with family. And it just felt right!

Today was pretty low key as well. We went out for breakfast, then braved the crowds around town for some shopping (I bought a vegetarian cook book). After Dad went home Yancy and I went to our new swim club/gym and signed up for a year. Can’t wait to go swim some laps in that outdoor pool! In the afternoon my friend Stephanie came over and we went for a nice long walk in the blustery cold. But had a great time. Too bad I didn’t put my gps watch on, but we were on the Sammamish trail so I calculate about 6 miles for today’s walk.  :O)   Great day.

I have some other things on my mind this weekend after chatting with Yancy’s dad, but I’m sure more will come of that later and of course I’ll post it here. Merry Christmas to all my readers! Much love from Seattle!  🙂


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