Watched a good movie

Yancy’s Netflix pick was a move called “Fighter,” a Dutch kung-foo movie about a muslim girl. And it was a great movie!  After circuit training this morning we mutually decided on a lazy day at home. I’m feeling rested and ready to take on another week.

I am trying a new meal tomorrow. I have a pork roast in the crock pot with onion, garlic, and lots of seasonings. (It’ll be another tortuous night of smelling cooking meat while trying to sleep.) Tomorrow morning before work I’m going to shred the meat and mix with bar-b-que sauce and throw it in the fridge for the day. We have onion rolls and salad to go with our pulled pork sandwiches tomorrow night. I’ve never made anything like this… not even sure if I’m supposed to reheat the meat before making sandwiches with it! We’ll see how it turns out.  🙂


No go on today’s house

This afternoon we saw the house on Union Hill (Redmond). The house itself was awesome! Perfect size and amazing updates and all appliances! The yard was great, fully fenced and even had a nice shed. The attached 2 car garage was sweet. The house is even in a price range we can afford. BUT it’s right on a fairly busy street and even with all doors and windows shut, you could hear cars going by. Yancy says it would drive him crazy. And I want a quiet place to come home to after a long a stressful day, so we’ve ruled this one out. So sad though, because I loved the house!

But if we get the lower priced house in Bellevue and remodeled it into our perfect home, we’d still be paying less, AND have a better location. Today’s house was probably originally identical to the house in Bellevue. It was a great chance to see possibilities of what could be done with our possible future home. Lots of ideas!

This morning was a fun run with the Team. A game called Pirates & Scalawags… basically tag. We ran/chased/walked all over a fun forested park on Mercer Island (at least 4 miles of traipsing about) and of course had to stop at Noah’s Bagels afterwords. Yancy and I went out for a late lunch and did a little shopping at the mall. I think I’ve FINALLY found some shoes for work that won’t destroy my feet! The customer service at “The Walking Company” was amazing and they even gave me a 15% discount because I work for a hospital! Plus they have a 1 month full refund policy if the shoes don’t work out. How awesome is that? No more sore feet for me! Tonight it was a relaxing evening on the couch with my hubby. We watched a sci-fi tv show (FarScape) and then a chick-flick movie.  😉

Life is good!

Happy Friday!

This week’s TNT run practice was a one mile time trial (2nd one so far). I did my mile in 10 minutes and 8 seconds which is basically the same as last month’s time trial. I bet next month will be faster though! Tonight Yancy and I have an hour of personal training with Cathy, then lap swimming at the swim club. And I’m already looking forward to the hot tub! This morning was another peaceful time at home with the cat, just doing some cleaning and catching up on rest.

Last night we made a “new version” of chili. We used turkey and lots of peppers. It tasted great, except… we sort of forgot to add the beans! We both had eaten our fill without even realizing that one of the main ingredients was missing! It wasn’t until I was watching him put the leftovers in the fridge that I realized there was less food then there should have been. Ooops. LOL  🙂

One more interesting development in the house buying adventure. A new home came on the market this week that I’m really interested in. The description makes it sound exactly like what we’re looking for. It’s near Redmond, where we’ve lived for over 5 years, but in a place that’s a little harder to get to. So the location isn’t as good as the Bellevue house we have an offer in on… we’ll have to think some more on that one. We have an appointment with the real estate agent to see this new house tomorrow afternoon. More info to come! I think I mentioned this in my last post, but our townhome lease manager said they’d be willing to let us sign a three month lease. It’s still at least $200 more than we pay now, but takes some of the stress off of figuring out where to live while buying a house.

I’m off to exercise! Happy Friday everyone, hope you have a fantastic weekend!

Exercise, cooking, meditation

It was a wonderful weekend! Friday was another mostly restful day. Got a little organization done in the “Room of Shame” (which I blogged about a previous post). I cooked a great new dish: Prawns with orzo pasta and lots of great flavors (fresh garlic, lemon, mint…) and Yancy’s dad came over. After dinner we all went to Seattle for a friend’s birthday bash at the Irish Pub. It was a big crowd and we actually saw other people there that we know! I had two hard ciders and was buzzing a little (tolerance for alcohol goes down with the amount of exercise I get). It was a really fun night but we didn’t get to bed until 12am… Which made getting up around 6:30am on Saturday verrry hard! But Yancy and I were up and fed and had the bikes ready to go by 7:30am for Team practice. We rode almost 2 laps around Mercer Island (about 24.5 miles) and had a great time (once again, Yancy left me in the dust). Nose and toes were cold, but it didn’t rain, so we were happy. A bunch of the Team went to Noah’s Bagels afterwords for brunch. We got a few bagels to bring home to Dad who was on his own for the morning.

In the afternoon we went to visit the house again so Dad could give us his opinion. I’m getting a little excited about the whole process. It’s sinking in…I’m going to be a homeowner! Last word was “3-5 weeks” before the seller’s bank either accepts our offer or gives a counter offer. That’s when the real action starts. For now we wait, and dream, and continue to watch for other houses that might be better.

On Saturday we also sat down with Dad and learned how to meditate. We’re going to give it a try to help with stress and so many other things that it’s supposed to improve in your life. We’re supposed to try 20 minutes in the morning and afternoon… It seems impossible to get the morning session in on work days, but I’m going to give it my best effort! I could use a little more peace in my life. 🙂 Saturday night’s home cooked meal was a beef enchilada casserole with lime & avocado and a side of refried beans (low fat of course). We have leftovers from both the meals I cooked this weekend. Easy lunches for Monday & Tuesday. I’m feeling like such a home diva!  😉

Sunday morning we were signed up for circuit class, but ended up skipping and going out to breakfast with Dad instead. And it was yummy! The Pomegranate Bistro serves a gourmet meal any time of day! He went home and I hit the couch for a little while. In the afternoon I met two friends for a run around GreenLake. We did an easy pace jog for 10 minutes, then a 2 minute walk interval for two laps around the lake, which put us at about 6 miles. That’s more than I could do this time last year! Yay for improvement! After a short stop at StarBucks where I tried a fruit smoothie, Yancy and I went to Bellevue for some easy lap swimming. I did a steady swim for 20 minutes, then was more than happy to jump in the hot tub and be done with exercise for the weekend. Tomorrow night it’s swim practice after a busy day at work. We were told to bring tennis balls to practice…. oh what torture could the coaches have dreamed up for us this time???   :O)

p.s. I was awfully tempted to step on the scale at the pool today, but I stayed true to my word… not until June. I want to stay focused on my fitness and not the misleading numbers of the scale!

I’m so athletic!

I filled out an application on for ambassadorship (a program that sponsors athletes who support brands and races and fitness in general). They asked about events that I have competed in. Here’s the list without dates or finish times, but I’m going to do some research to get all those dates/times on one page. It’ll be fun to see how I’ve progressed in the last few years.

Mercer Island 5k and Half Marathon, Iron Girl Seattle 5k & 10k, Seattle Seafair Half Marathon, Bloomsday Spokane 12k, Park to Park swim 1.5 miles, Lavaman Olympic distance triathlon in Hawaii, BuDu Racing Olympic distance triathlon in Elma WA, Trek Women’s Sprint distance triathlon in Seattle, New Balance Half Iron Triathlon Victoria Canada, Lake Stevens Olympic distance triathlon, Spokane Half Marathon, Pineapple Classic 5k obstacle race, and Resolution Run 5k/Polar Dive.

They also asked for my upcoming events and I was again surprised at how ambitious I am. These are my plans for 2011:

Mercer Island Half Marathon March 2011, Captain Jack’s 8k in Kirkland April 2011, 7 Hills of Kirkland bike ride May 2011, New Balance Half Iron Triathlon (Victoria, Canada) June 2011, Seattle to Portland Bike ride (204 miles in 1 day!) July 2011, (hopefully another triathlon in August), Park to Park 1.5 mile swim August 2011, Iron Girl Seattle 10k with my mom September 2011, (hopefully the Nike Women’s Marathon in San Francisco October 2011), and Pineapple Classic 5k Obstacle Race November 2011.

That’s 9-10 events without even counting the Resolution Run/Polar Dip I already did in January. This is the life! It’s fun, it keeps me focused, and I’m getting stronger every year!

2 days off

I had yesterday off of work because the doctor I work for took it off. At first I was a little ticked because it meant wasting yet more vacation hours that I don’t really have or else having a big chunk missing from my paycheck. But after spending most of yesterday morning on the couch with a snuggly cat, I was very happy to have a personal day. Didn’t even realize how much I needed it. I’ve been feeling stressed out and a bit emotional (probably just monthly hormone changes). Some quiet time helped me feel more calm and centered. I did a little house work, listened to music, but otherwise, had a lazy day. Yancy picked me up at 5pm and we headed off to the gym for a hard session with our personal trainer Cathy. She also happens to be one of the TNT coaches (and same amazing person who has conquered her 2nd round of breast cancer) and Wednseday night’s run practice included running hills… with a few running backwards up the hill intervals. Good exercise and good rest, life is good! After personal training and dinner, Yancy and I went grocery shopping at Whole Foods and QFC. I have some yummy dinner recipes to try this weekend.

So here we are on Friday, my normal day off. When Yancy left for work I went back to sleep on the couch.  😉 I’ve spent a little time going through “junk” in the spare room (AKA the “Room of Shame”) and it’s looking slightly less scary. There were lots of fun memories when looking at photographs and cards that I saved for some reason or another. And I’m kind of embarrassed about the things I’ve horded away. Things like cardboard and ribbons, probably for some art project I had in mind. I had piles of magazines for another art project and recycled about half of them. Next task is a very large pile of papers that need to be filed, shred, or recycled. It’s such a large pile that I sort of feel intimidated by it. Every time I go in that room to start working on the pile, I just stand there staring at it and then conveniently find something else to do (like blogging for example). But I’m trying to just spend a little time each weekend in that room and it will eventually be under control. 🙂

This weekend looks fun. It’s pretty stormy now and I’m hoping the weather calms down by tomorrow. Yancy and I have a bike ride on Mercer Island with the Team. Yancy’s dad is coming to visit for the weekend. We’ll be looking at the house again (the house we’re in the process of buying). Hopefully we can get a swim in as well. Ok, back to housework for me.  😛

P.S. Still no news on the home buying front. We’ve been searching online for other houses, but can’t find anything better than the one we’ve already put an offer on. So, we’ll just try to be patient and hope all works out… like it usually does.

No news

Nothing new on the “home buying” front. But today was a bank holiday. We’ve been told it will take at least a few weeks for the seller’s bank to wade through their paperwork before getting back to us. But we can still hope that maybe things will go through quickly. Meanwhile still keeping an eye on the market for any new homes that may need less work (& aren’t a “short sale”). And we’re still tossing around options for what to do about our rent dilemma.

Tonight’s practice was lap swimming. I swam 2000 yards! That’s actually slightly more that the distance we’ll be doing in the race. Feeling proud of my accomplishments in swimming, but still wishing I didn’t get out of breath so easily… or feel like eating a whole goose afterwords. 😛   Tomorrow, we’ll get a much needed massage. All this stress and hard training takes it’s toll.

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