What a New Year’s weekend!!!

Ok, I’ve gotten a little behind in my blogging. As I mentioned last week, I have some things on my mind… like home buying. During a Christmas day conversation, Yancy’s dad made an amazing offer to help us buy a home if we can find something that fits us. We applied for a 30 year fixed rate loan from BECU and got “pre-approved.” The interest rate is just under 4.5%! Now we need to pick a real estate agent and start shopping. We have found several potential homes in our price range via internet searches, and have done some driving around to check out commutes and neighborhoods. Most of the nicer homes with land are a drive out of town (like North Bend), but we’d like to stay closer to Seattle if possible. There’s actually a place in Bellevue that I’m really interested in and already have a call in to schedule a viewing. Wish us luck!

On Friday (12/31/10) I did something pretty crazy… I got a tattoo! This one is on the top of my right foot: a banner that reads “Carpe Diem.” It’s a reminder to me to make the most of every day. And I think it’s a cool way to celebrate New Years. Except it made the 5k run on 1/1/11 not so fun…. The tattoo is actually only part of the original that I had in mind, but all I can afford right now. Eventually (hopefully this summer) I want to get an eagle swooping down my calf as if catching a fish, but instead it will be holding the banner. The eagle represents freedom, boldness, strength, and grace to me. Don’t worry Mom & Grandma, I’m not going to go crazy and tattoo my whole body! Only very carefully placed pieces of art that mean a lot to me. 😉  For New Year’s Eve (after my tattoo) Yancy and I went out for a nice Italian dinner and then went home to relax with a bottle of wine in front of the fireplace. I didn’t actually stay up until midnight, but I felt I had done plenty of celebration and needed some rest before our next adventure.

Saturday morning (Jan 1, 2011) I was awake to enjoy an amazing sunrise. That meant no clouds in the sky… which means BRRRR! The weather was in the low to mid 30’s and Lake Washington was 41 degrees. I kept asking myself “What the hell am I doing?” but went for it anyways! Yancy and I did the 5k Resolution Run at Magnuson Park which includes a polar bear dive near the finish line. WHO HOOOO!!!! OMG! The water wasn’t as bad as I’d thought it’d be, but there was a moment of shock when I put my head under. Instincts must have taken over for a moment, because I can’t remember having any thoughts while climbing out of the water… just remember having to be very careful on the ICE. With the dip it took us just under 40 minutes. And I had fun!!! There was chili served after. And a “heated” changing tent which was a scary mess of women in various states of nakedness. Had to put modesty aside to get out of the sopping wet clothes. That afternoon Yancy and I did some house research up in North Bend.

Today (Sunday) wasn’t too exciting. We went to circuit training class and visited some friends who’s baby is nearly 1 years old. It’s fun to see how quickly she’s growing up and forming into her own person. Then we went driving around Bellevue and Mercer Island. We’d LOVE to live on the island, but don’t think there will be anything we can afford there. Ah well. We stopped by PCC for “local organic produce” on the way home. Tonight’s dinner was a nice veggie stir fry without rice (only because brown rice takes too fricken long to cook).

I have been thinking about my eating habits and how they need to change. I’ll not be going on a “diet” but for the next several weeks I plan to do a conscious detox of sorts. No caffeine, no alcohol, very limited sugars, and cutting way back on processed foods. I’ll keep you posted. Happy New Years!!!

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  1. Grandma
    Jan 03, 2011 @ 17:18:04

    Boy am I tempted..!!!!!


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