We picked a house

I know it seems kind of fast, but sometimes that’s how it goes. We saw 7 houses yesterday and really liked one. It’s a very small home in Bellevue. It’s on a quiet street in a great location. The house has hard wood floors throughout and would benefit from some mild remodeling, but is move in ready. We’re already dreaming about what we can do with it to add our personal touch and make it OUR HOME. The house is a “short-sale” which kind of complicates the buying process, but gets us the best deal possible. Seriously, I’ve been doing a lot of research and this is a really good find! There’s only one real concern we have. There is a bit of moss growing on the roof and there may be a dip in one place. We’re going to start paperwork for an offer, then get a thorough inspection before making our final decision. There will have to be some earnest money put down, but we won’t loose it if we back out… we’ll just loose the inspection fee. While the banks are doing all their bickering back and forth (because of the short-sale), we’ll continue to look for other homes in case something better pops up. But at this price, in the neighborhood we want, that is really unlikely! We’ll probably be visiting the home again today and I’ll take some pictures. Wish us luck!


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  1. Rochelle
    Jan 09, 2011 @ 19:22:29

    Good luck chica!!


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