Hurry up and wait

Last night we looked at the house in Bellevue one more time (and another in Issaquah that had slanted floors) and then started the paperwork to put in an offer. There’s one more small detail we have to take care of before submitting the offer today, but then the name of the game is “hurry up and wait.” Being a short sale, the seller has to sign off first, which should only take a day or two. Then their lien-holder has to decide if we’re allowed to buy it. The decision is theirs since they are loosing money (the current owner owes more than the house will sell for). We are so lucky for the timing, low house values AND historically low interest rates. This is kind of exciting! But I’m trying not to get too excited. Another person could beat us to the offer. The inspection might find something we’re not willing to fix. Something else more perfect might pop up on the market. You never know! But I’m definitely hoping this all works out, because we’ve found a cute little house that suites us. We could live there with a very comfortable mortgage payment and take our time crafting it into our perfect home.

Health-wise I was “ok” last week, could definitely be better this week. Luckily we have group training or some other exercise commitment a minimum of 4 days a week, so calorie burning will happen. Can’t wait to swim with the Team again tonight! Last Monday was torture… I couldn’t swim with a fresh tattoo so ended up sitting on the side watching everyone else. It was neat to listen to the coach give people tips though.

That’s all for now. I’ll keep you posted on the home buying process.  :O)


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