Pics of the house we are hoping to buy

The house needs some work to make it what we’d really like, but it’s perfectly livable in the meantime. There are three walls with ugly fake wood paneling that would need to come down asap (at least in the living/dining room). The bathroom tub has a leaky faucet which has damaged the sink vanity, and left some stains on the tile grouting… so the bathroom would be top priority for remodel work. Not sure why they did this, but the clothes washer is in the bathroom and dryer is in the garage. I don’t really care where they are, but wish they were next to each other. The kitchen is small and not very attractive. No dishwasher or garbage disposal, but we can live without those for a few years until we save up enough to build my dream kitchen.  🙂

The current status is “mutual acceptance” which means the home owner has accepted/signed our purchase offer and the deal is now in the hands of their lien-holder. Since the current owners owe more on the house they are selling than the house is actually worth (so sad!), their bank has the final say and negotiating power. I hope the bank wants to get the house sold asap to stop loosing money and hurries up and gives the ok for inspection. That’s when it gets really crazy! Keep your fingers crossed for us. 😛

Some new news to add to the pot: if we stay on at our townhouse after March 1st without signing another lease, our rent goes up EIGHT HUNDRED DOLLARS! If we sign another 6 month lease it still goes up $2oo. We have to give 20 days notice when we do move out. So we’ve got about 3 weeks to decide what we’re going to do. Will we stay on a month-to-month basis (paying double what this place is worth), or sign another lease, or move out????  Argh, so many stressful decisions!

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