No news

Nothing new on the “home buying” front. But today was a bank holiday. We’ve been told it will take at least a few weeks for the seller’s bank to wade through their paperwork before getting back to us. But we can still hope that maybe things will go through quickly. Meanwhile still keeping an eye on the market for any new homes that may need less work (& aren’t a “short sale”). And we’re still tossing around options for what to do about our rent dilemma.

Tonight’s practice was lap swimming. I swam 2000 yards! That’s actually slightly more that the distance we’ll be doing in the race. Feeling proud of my accomplishments in swimming, but still wishing I didn’t get out of breath so easily… or feel like eating a whole goose afterwords. 😛   Tomorrow, we’ll get a much needed massage. All this stress and hard training takes it’s toll.


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