2 days off

I had yesterday off of work because the doctor I work for took it off. At first I was a little ticked because it meant wasting yet more vacation hours that I don’t really have or else having a big chunk missing from my paycheck. But after spending most of yesterday morning on the couch with a snuggly cat, I was very happy to have a personal day. Didn’t even realize how much I needed it. I’ve been feeling stressed out and a bit emotional (probably just monthly hormone changes). Some quiet time helped me feel more calm and centered. I did a little house work, listened to music, but otherwise, had a lazy day. Yancy picked me up at 5pm and we headed off to the gym for a hard session with our personal trainer Cathy. She also happens to be one of the TNT coaches (and same amazing person who has conquered her 2nd round of breast cancer) and Wednseday night’s run practice included running hills… with a few running backwards up the hill intervals. Good exercise and good rest, life is good! After personal training and dinner, Yancy and I went grocery shopping at Whole Foods and QFC. I have some yummy dinner recipes to try this weekend.

So here we are on Friday, my normal day off. When Yancy left for work I went back to sleep on the couch.  😉 I’ve spent a little time going through “junk” in the spare room (AKA the “Room of Shame”) and it’s looking slightly less scary. There were lots of fun memories when looking at photographs and cards that I saved for some reason or another. And I’m kind of embarrassed about the things I’ve horded away. Things like cardboard and ribbons, probably for some art project I had in mind. I had piles of magazines for another art project and recycled about half of them. Next task is a very large pile of papers that need to be filed, shred, or recycled. It’s such a large pile that I sort of feel intimidated by it. Every time I go in that room to start working on the pile, I just stand there staring at it and then conveniently find something else to do (like blogging for example). But I’m trying to just spend a little time each weekend in that room and it will eventually be under control. 🙂

This weekend looks fun. It’s pretty stormy now and I’m hoping the weather calms down by tomorrow. Yancy and I have a bike ride on Mercer Island with the Team. Yancy’s dad is coming to visit for the weekend. We’ll be looking at the house again (the house we’re in the process of buying). Hopefully we can get a swim in as well. Ok, back to housework for me.  😛

P.S. Still no news on the home buying front. We’ve been searching online for other houses, but can’t find anything better than the one we’ve already put an offer on. So, we’ll just try to be patient and hope all works out… like it usually does.


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