I’m so athletic!

I filled out an application on Active.com for ambassadorship (a program that sponsors athletes who support brands and races and fitness in general). They asked about events that I have competed in. Here’s the list without dates or finish times, but I’m going to do some research to get all those dates/times on one page. It’ll be fun to see how I’ve progressed in the last few years.

Mercer Island 5k and Half Marathon, Iron Girl Seattle 5k & 10k, Seattle Seafair Half Marathon, Bloomsday Spokane 12k, Park to Park swim 1.5 miles, Lavaman Olympic distance triathlon in Hawaii, BuDu Racing Olympic distance triathlon in Elma WA, Trek Women’s Sprint distance triathlon in Seattle, New Balance Half Iron Triathlon Victoria Canada, Lake Stevens Olympic distance triathlon, Spokane Half Marathon, Pineapple Classic 5k obstacle race, and Resolution Run 5k/Polar Dive.

They also asked for my upcoming events and I was again surprised at how ambitious I am. These are my plans for 2011:

Mercer Island Half Marathon March 2011, Captain Jack’s 8k in Kirkland April 2011, 7 Hills of Kirkland bike ride May 2011, New Balance Half Iron Triathlon (Victoria, Canada) June 2011, Seattle to Portland Bike ride (204 miles in 1 day!) July 2011, (hopefully another triathlon in August), Park to Park 1.5 mile swim August 2011, Iron Girl Seattle 10k with my mom September 2011, (hopefully the Nike Women’s Marathon in San Francisco October 2011), and Pineapple Classic 5k Obstacle Race November 2011.

That’s 9-10 events without even counting the Resolution Run/Polar Dip I already did in January. This is the life! It’s fun, it keeps me focused, and I’m getting stronger every year!


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