Exercise, cooking, meditation

It was a wonderful weekend! Friday was another mostly restful day. Got a little organization done in the “Room of Shame” (which I blogged about a previous post). I cooked a great new dish: Prawns with orzo pasta and lots of great flavors (fresh garlic, lemon, mint…) and Yancy’s dad came over. After dinner we all went to Seattle for a friend’s birthday bash at the Irish Pub. It was a big crowd and we actually saw other people there that we know! I had two hard ciders and was buzzing a little (tolerance for alcohol goes down with the amount of exercise I get). It was a really fun night but we didn’t get to bed until 12am… Which made getting up around 6:30am on Saturday verrry hard! But Yancy and I were up and fed and had the bikes ready to go by 7:30am for Team practice. We rode almost 2 laps around Mercer Island (about 24.5 miles) and had a great time (once again, Yancy left me in the dust). Nose and toes were cold, but it didn’t rain, so we were happy. A bunch of the Team went to Noah’s Bagels afterwords for brunch. We got a few bagels to bring home to Dad who was on his own for the morning.

In the afternoon we went to visit the house again so Dad could give us his opinion. I’m getting a little excited about the whole process. It’s sinking in…I’m going to be a homeowner! Last word was “3-5 weeks” before the seller’s bank either accepts our offer or gives a counter offer. That’s when the real action starts. For now we wait, and dream, and continue to watch for other houses that might be better.

On Saturday we also sat down with Dad and learned how to meditate. We’re going to give it a try to help with stress and so many other things that it’s supposed to improve in your life. We’re supposed to try 20 minutes in the morning and afternoon… It seems impossible to get the morning session in on work days, but I’m going to give it my best effort! I could use a little more peace in my life. 🙂 Saturday night’s home cooked meal was a beef enchilada casserole with lime & avocado and a side of refried beans (low fat of course). We have leftovers from both the meals I cooked this weekend. Easy lunches for Monday & Tuesday. I’m feeling like such a home diva!  😉

Sunday morning we were signed up for circuit class, but ended up skipping and going out to breakfast with Dad instead. And it was yummy! The Pomegranate Bistro serves a gourmet meal any time of day! He went home and I hit the couch for a little while. In the afternoon I met two friends for a run around GreenLake. We did an easy pace jog for 10 minutes, then a 2 minute walk interval for two laps around the lake, which put us at about 6 miles. That’s more than I could do this time last year! Yay for improvement! After a short stop at StarBucks where I tried a fruit smoothie, Yancy and I went to Bellevue for some easy lap swimming. I did a steady swim for 20 minutes, then was more than happy to jump in the hot tub and be done with exercise for the weekend. Tomorrow night it’s swim practice after a busy day at work. We were told to bring tennis balls to practice…. oh what torture could the coaches have dreamed up for us this time???   :O)

p.s. I was awfully tempted to step on the scale at the pool today, but I stayed true to my word… not until June. I want to stay focused on my fitness and not the misleading numbers of the scale!


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