Happy Friday!

This week’s TNT run practice was a one mile time trial (2nd one so far). I did my mile in 10 minutes and 8 seconds which is basically the same as last month’s time trial. I bet next month will be faster though! Tonight Yancy and I have an hour of personal training with Cathy, then lap swimming at the swim club. And I’m already looking forward to the hot tub! This morning was another peaceful time at home with the cat, just doing some cleaning and catching up on rest.

Last night we made a “new version” of chili. We used turkey and lots of peppers. It tasted great, except… we sort of forgot to add the beans! We both had eaten our fill without even realizing that one of the main ingredients was missing! It wasn’t until I was watching him put the leftovers in the fridge that I realized there was less food then there should have been. Ooops. LOL  🙂

One more interesting development in the house buying adventure. A new home came on the market this week that I’m really interested in. The description makes it sound exactly like what we’re looking for. It’s near Redmond, where we’ve lived for over 5 years, but in a place that’s a little harder to get to. So the location isn’t as good as the Bellevue house we have an offer in on… we’ll have to think some more on that one. We have an appointment with the real estate agent to see this new house tomorrow afternoon. More info to come! I think I mentioned this in my last post, but our townhome lease manager said they’d be willing to let us sign a three month lease. It’s still at least $200 more than we pay now, but takes some of the stress off of figuring out where to live while buying a house.

I’m off to exercise! Happy Friday everyone, hope you have a fantastic weekend!


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