No go on today’s house

This afternoon we saw the house on Union Hill (Redmond). The house itself was awesome! Perfect size and amazing updates and all appliances! The yard was great, fully fenced and even had a nice shed. The attached 2 car garage was sweet. The house is even in a price range we can afford. BUT it’s right on a fairly busy street and even with all doors and windows shut, you could hear cars going by. Yancy says it would drive him crazy. And I want a quiet place to come home to after a long a stressful day, so we’ve ruled this one out. So sad though, because I loved the house!

But if we get the lower priced house in Bellevue and remodeled it into our perfect home, we’d still be paying less, AND have a better location. Today’s house was probably originally identical to the house in Bellevue. It was a great chance to see possibilities of what could be done with our possible future home. Lots of ideas!

This morning was a fun run with the Team. A game called Pirates & Scalawags… basically tag. We ran/chased/walked all over a fun forested park on Mercer Island (at least 4 miles of traipsing about) and of course had to stop at Noah’s Bagels afterwords. Yancy and I went out for a late lunch and did a little shopping at the mall. I think I’ve FINALLY found some shoes for work that won’t destroy my feet! The customer service at “The Walking Company” was amazing and they even gave me a 15% discount because I work for a hospital! Plus they have a 1 month full refund policy if the shoes don’t work out. How awesome is that? No more sore feet for me! Tonight it was a relaxing evening on the couch with my hubby. We watched a sci-fi tv show (FarScape) and then a chick-flick movie.  😉

Life is good!


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