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Nothing really to report today. Went back to work and had a decent day. Left Yancy home laying on the couch when I went to swim practice. 2100 meters and feeling ok. Should sleep well tonight!  😛




After being sick for so long I had really looked forward to this weekend of jumping back into exercise and fun. But that didn’t exactly play out as I had hoped. Yesterday’s hike was cut short and the afternoon spent mostly lazing around the house. Today was supposed to be the Chilly Hilly ride on Bainbridge Island, but the weather and Yancy’s cold didn’t cooperate. So today was an even lazier day at home. Feeling a little disappointed and getting a little “cabin crazy.” I even started a puzzle today!

What amazes me most is that I KNOW there’s lots of things I could have done today. Cleaning, organizing, treadmill walking, swimming at the club, studying… but I didn’t do any of those things, and feel worse at the end of the day. How can I be such a lazy person some days (an attribute I despise), and such a “go-getter” other days?

Short hike on Tiger Mountain

Yancy and I cut our hike short since neither of us were feeling well. We had a group of 13 (the core group of our New Balance Triathlon Team), there was snow and ice everywhere, and the temp really was somewhere between 20 and 30 degrees. We still got 2 miles tramping in the snow and I’m glad we did at least that. The rest of the Team went on to get a 6.2 mile hike in. My new waterproof pants kept me warm (in fact I ended up getting too hot with all my gear), and the new hiking backpack was pretty comfortable. But I have to practice not leaning forward when going up hill with a pack. I’m soooooo looking forward to the hikes this summer! And to being over this crud!

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20 degrees

Yes, it’s 20 degrees Fahrenheit at my house right now… 6:40am and I’m sitting here eating breakfast, getting ready to go for a HIKE!!!! On a mountain that will mostly likely have snow! If you don’t hear from me again, call Yancy, or send Search & Rescue to Tiger Mountain.   LOL.   Wish me luck. Pics and the story later. Have a great day!


Feeling better & Cook book

I woke up this morning feeling better than I have in 2 weeks. Finally able to lay down and still breath. Other than a very annoying cough, and some fatigue, I’m nearly over this thing! As much as I hate it, having a very lazy day was good for me. I’m not really looking forward to getting back to training… it’s always hard after a cold. But I’m still going to attempt tomorrow’s 6 mile training hike on Tiger Mountain and Sunday’s 33 mile “Chilly Hilly” bike ride on Bainbridge Island. The cold seems to trigger coughing fits, so not sure how fun these two outings will be. Stupid sickness! I can’t wait for the warmer days of summer! And this summer will probably be the best ever! My husband and I will be doing triathlons together and insanely long bike rides, and then I’ll be training for my first marathon!

But first, I need to work on loosing some weight. I feel like I may have lost some over the last two weeks, but that’s probably more muscle loss from lack of training. Yancy and I need to make better food choices…. I know, I know, I sound like a broken record. I’ve been saying this for years. But now that we’re training, the time seems right. Thanks to a suggestion from a friend, we bought a really good cook book called “The Food Matters Cook Book” by Mark Bittman. I HIGHLY recommend this book! It’s all about eating more responsibly. Making food choices that are more healthy for you AND the planet. Eating less animal and pre-processed products, and eating more plant foods. I’ve wanted to eat more veggies for a long time, but lack the inspiration, motivation, and know how to cook them. This cook book has tons of recipes that I can try, they look simple, and are flexible. This book may literally change my life!

Last night’s dinner wasn’t from the book, but it was really good. Lentil soup. It did take over an hour to cook, but was amazingly easy. I started with a little box of lentils and a spice packet. Added an onion, 2 cans of tomatoes, water, and some sausage. YUM! And we have enough leftovers for at least 2 more meals.

Today is sunny, cold, and magnificent. I am going to spend it indoors, for my last day of recovery, but I won’t be laying around all day. There’s a HUGE pile of laundry and lots of house cleaning to do. But at least I get to enjoy lots of sunlight coming through the windows.   :O)    There’s lots to smile about today.

Here are two photos taken from my bedroom window. The snowy one from yesterday and the frosty/beautiful sunrise/moon/Mt Rainier view one from this morning:

Day of rest

I called in sick to work today and spent it laying around the house. Literally went out for only 15 minutes to grab coffee and a few things from the grocery store. I felt like I did nothing but doze, laze, eat/drink, doze, and laze some more… all day. But I think the antibiotics are kicking in and I’m feeling a little better. Really looking forward to getting back to normal life soon! Tomorrow is my last day of rest before jumping back into exercise.

Yancy has two probable interviews, both sound like an excellent opportunity. I’ve heard people say “When one door closes, another door opens.” And I like to think things will change for the better. I’m just not the most patient person.   😛


So I saw the doctor yesterday to confirm a sinus infection and get an rx for antibiotics. Yipee. At least I can look forward to getting better instead of continually feeling worse like I have for the last few days. My coworker will be back from vacation tomorrow so I don’t have to “hold down the fort” anymore. In fact, if we get the predicted snow storm tonight I might not even go in tomorrow. Issaquah gets really heavy snow and people in Seattle tend to freak out with this kind of weather.

Apparently things are about to start happening with the home buying situation. They’re asking us today how quickly we can close… which isn’t exactly in our hands because we’ve got an FHA loan. So we signed the papers and sent them back. Maybe tomorrow or Friday the sellers’ bank will accept our offer…

But what I’m more stressed about right now is Yancy’s job. He’s loosing his position again at AT&T. In a way this is good because he really hated the job. But the timing is REALLY bad. If the Tek company he works through can transfer him to another position, all should be fine. But if he completely leaves Tek, then we’ll have to report it to the bank and possibly loose our home loan.  😦  Only time will tell what’s going to happen. I’ll keep you posted.

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