COLD day today! I had to put a warmer blanket on the bed last night…. well, actually Yancy had to go get a warmer blanket as I laid there and shivered. We had a tough swim practice last night with speed drills. I’m still feeling it in my arms today! But I finished the “fast lane” work out and still had time for cool down laps, so my swim time is improving. It feels really good to be excelling at something! Running is still my nemesis, and biking still needs some work. I am so lucky to have the Team to train with, and some amazing coaches/trainers, AND an amazing husband at my side.  :O)

I almost had the afternoon off of work because the doctor I work for left early. I was really looking forward to enjoying that sunshine, even if it was frigged outside. I even had myself convinced that I might go for a bicycle ride. But then a coworker in the optometry department asked if I’d work her afternoon shift so she could go home. I needed the hours so said yes. Oh how I wish I had a job with really flexible hours so I could spend time outside on these beautiful sunny days! Maybe someday.

So, other than work, it was a day of rest and I really enjoyed my massage today. With all the training, my upper back can get really tight/sore. Seriously not sure what I’d do without the massage benefit from work. All I can say tonight is that I hope the weather warms up a bit before our outdoor run practice at 7pm tomorrow! And I hope I get a good night’s sleep.


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