It’s only Saturday!

We got up bright and early this morning… well not “bright,” but earlier than I would have liked. The bed just seemed so warm and cozy and I had a hard time convincing myself that I really wanted to go out for a bike ride. It was 45 degrees and a typical Seattle drizzly gray. But the ride was a lot of fun. I got SOAKED and MUDDY, seriously drenched. My feet were so cold at the end that instead of going for a “10 minute transition run” I ended up doing a 10 minute hobble. We did the loop around Lake Sammamish, with a little excursion added on to bring it to 25 miles. Since we were so close to home, Yancy and I went home for showers before heading back into town to join the Team for breakfast. If was fun seeing every one after the ride, lots of stories of flat tires and such. And for some of the Lavaman Team, this was the most miles they’d ridden in one day!

We barely made it home before my Aunt Nita and her boyfriend Rick came for a visit. It was soooo nice to see her after several years. She’s just as sweet and pretty as I remember her! We had a nice time chatting before they left to check into their hotel in Federal Way. They’re going to see an Ozzie Concert tonight. I’m Jealous! 🙂

I took a little nap and can’t believe how stiff I am now! Because Yancy wasn’t feeling well on Thursday and Friday, he skipped personal training yesterday. So Cathy had lots of time to “focus on my running muscles.” My legs were sore before I started the bike ride this morning, and the hilly, cold bike ride didn’t help! Ah well, it’s a good kind of sore, the kind that reminds you how awesome you are for working out two days in a row. And just wait until after tomorrow’s big hike… that might push me into the whiny category, but it’s going to be great!  :O)



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